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Indigenous Students and Education

Group presentation

Fisun Ergun

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Indigenous Students and Education

Australia Education in Australia Australian Indigenous How does trauma accompanied
with a sense of displacement
in ones surroundings and society
affect a students education? As teachers how are we responsible for these students? Suggestions for curriculum change Perhaps having Aboriginal cultural studies Many other countries students seems to have a strong sense of history.. Do you think Australians do?

How could we change in the future so that we are ensuring that our students receive the best education possible... Are you oblivious to your own history? What is the connection between history and spoken language?
As a teacher what would you do if you had a indigenous student in your classroom who had limited English and lack of self-esteem?
How can we encourage those students if they have difficulties to fit in a school environment?

What is the connection between history and the language? An Interview with an Aboriginal Support Worker:
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