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The Peloponnesian War

No description

valerie sanchez

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of The Peloponnesian War

The Peloponnesian War
Who was Involved in the War?
The Peloponnesian war was basically fought between the Peloponnesian league (led by Sparta) and the Delian league (led by Athens).
Where was the War Located?
The Peloponneisan war was fought in southern peninsula, most Greece battles took place along the Grecian coasts and among territory held both by Athenians and Spartans empires.
What was the Peloponnesian War?
The Peloponnesian war is about the
Spartans wanting to go to war because of there jealousy of the Athens. The Spartans got jealous because of all Athens growing power.
How Long was the War?
War lasted 27 years
Went from 431 BC through 404 BC
After 10 years of war, in 421 BC, the Athens and Spartans came to a truce
Because the Athens tried to help one of there allies the Spartans got mad and the Athens lost the 1st battle horribly.
Then the Spartans decided they wanted a second war.
Why did the War Happen?
The main reason the war happened was because of the Spartans fear of Athens growing riches and power. So the Spartans wanted war with the Athens because of the Spartans jealousy.
What Weapons did the Soldiers Fight With?
431 BC-the
war between
Sparta and
the Athens
421 BC-after
10 years of
war, Athens and
Spartans agree
to a truce
415 BC-Athens tried
to help one of there
allies, Sparta got mad
and Sparta wanted
another war with the
406 BC-the city
of Athens
surrendered to
the Spartans

404 BC-the Spartans recovered and won a series of
My Thoughts about the War
I think the war was kind of ridiculous. I don't think jealousy should be a cause for war. Spartans wanted war because the Athens had things that the Spartans didn't have but i don't think they had to go to war.
Fun Facts
The greek soldiers that fought were called Hoplites
The first major war between the Spartans and the Athens was the Archidamian war
They called it the Archidamian war because its named after Sparta's king Archidamus ll
Map of Greece
short swords
bow and arrows
Who Won the War & Who Lost the War
The Spartans won the war and the Athens lost the war. The Athens lost because they lost 12 ships and were not able to rescue their people from bad weather. So, they lost the battle badly.
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