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NAo Robot

No description

Angel CortezRamirez

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of NAo Robot

By Angel Cortez & Jake Stirzel THE NAO ROBOT What task does this robot preform? What human function
does it simulate? The Nao Robot preforms many tasks. It has human emotions where it can laugh or cry. It also can dance and sing and plays. It can also be athletic, it plays soccer like a pro. It also has a Wifi connector. What is the Robots work envelope,
how many degrees of freedom does it have to work? Is the robot end effector multi functional? If so what other tasks can it preform? It hands are prehensile hands and is multi functional. It can also move things over to a different location. How is the Nao Robot been taught
to preform its task? It has been taught to detect human behavior and how we talk. It has different kinds of emotions to respond to the way you may behave. What sensors does the robot
have and how does the robot
use them? It has many sensors. It has sensor where it can detect when it is going to fall where it can cover its face and protect itself. On its chest it has 4 sensors, 2 Transmitters and 2 receivers. It can move its hand up and down,and
move it left or right. Full body motion,
25 degrees of freedom and 23 inches
tall What are some Advantages and Disadvantages about this robot? There are not really any Disadvantages about this robot. It can really help you do some work and it is a very intelligent. Also it can have fun with you! Also it has the most important thing a kid needs in this world, Wifi. What kind of impact has this this robot had or could have to its audience? Nao has had some impact and will most likely in the future have tons of impact. It is already identified as another friend. What type of job or career
can this robot create to provide for people. This Robot doesn't really have a job or
career to make. He basically is just a friend or buddie to play with or to talk to. Hopefully in the future the Robot Company can make this robot do different jobs. Predict how this robot can be altered to preform different task in the future. This robot may be altered by becoming larger and being able to help more in the job area. It would be more useful to help do different kind of jobs. Robot Creator Aldebaran Robotics, a French startup
company headquartered in Paris. Interesting things about Nao -Wifi connector -Dances
-Plays Soccer -Sings
-Detects faces
-Read Books
-Helps Exersise
-Play music Nao's Emotion -Mad
-Irritated NAO ROBOT Sources -Wikepedia.com
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