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Ned Kelly

No description

Faith Falkner

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly

Hero or Villain?
-In 1878 a police officer called Fitzpatrick went to the Kelly dwelling to arrest Ned's brother Dan and claimed that Ned shot him in the hand. Ned's mother was arrested for attempted murder after hitting Fitzpatrick with a shovel
-After the arrest of their mother the Kelly brothers went rogue into the bush at Bullock Creek in hopes to earn enough money to release their mother.
- The gang came across a group of police officers camping in the bush looking for them and shot three while the fourth escaped
- This murder officially dubbed the Kelly gang as outlaws
His criminal life started early:
- In 1869 (14yrs) he was arrested for allegedly assaulting a Chinese man. The year after he was arrested again for suspected accomplice of bush ranger Harry Power. Both charges were dropped however he had caught the attention of the police
- He was charged with receiving a stolen horse and received 3 years imprisonment. A policeman tried to shoot him during the arrest however Kelly overpowered him and humiliated him by pretending to ride him
like a horse.

Ned Kelly the villain
Ned Kelly the hero
-At a young age Ned saved a 7 year old boy from drowning and was given a sash as a reward from the boys parents. He was wearing this sash when he was captured at Glenrowan.
-After his father and two older siblings died Ned took on the role of the eldest child and helped his mother look after the family

-After the Kelly gang robbed the Euroa National Bank they distributed the stolen money among their supporters many of whom were struggling to make a living.
-When Constable Fitzpatrick claimed that Ned shot him in the hand the night he came to arrest Dan Kelly, the Kelly family claimed he was drunk and tried to molest Ned's sister Kate. Ned was very protective of his sister and always told Fitzpatrick off when he bothered her.
-The police in this time period in Australia were extremely corrupted and there was major tension between them and
Irish settlers
- Ned claimed that they targeted his family
Scenes displaying Ned and his family give a more warm feel and shows how important his family is to him
Camera angles with the gun
pointing towards the screen give a menacing and threatening feel
These scenes convey the police officers as unlikeable especially Fitzpatrick who's character comes off as being creepy when he continues to harrass Ned's sister
-At the Kelly gang's final standoff they tried to get the civilians in the hotel to safety while the police officers shot down innocent people.
"Knights in shining armor"
Contrasting the lion with Ned accentuates his personality as being brave like a lion when he confronts the police officers by himself. This is emphasized when a shot of the dead lion fades to a shot of Ned wounded, linking the two.
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