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Constanine the Great

No description

Hollie Griffin

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Constanine the Great

Constanine the Great
Constantine the Great -Who
Constantine the Great was a Roman Emperor who ruled from 306.CE until 337.CE. Constantine was the son of Falvius Valerius Constantius, a Roman army officer. Constantine's mother was Saint Helena. Constantius was made Caesar (junior Emperor)which later led to his divorce to Helena to marry co Emperor Maximian's step daughter.
Constantine married Minervina. Minervina was his first wife. Together they had a son, Crispus. Then Constantine married the daughter of Emperor Maxmian, Fausta. Constantine and Fausta later had 5 children by the names of Constantius II, Constantine II, Constans, Helena, Constantina, Fausta.
Constantine and Christianity
Constantine ended the persecution of Christians by making Christianity legal then later converting to Christianity. Constantine believed he had been given messages from God. One when he was praying at midday and a vision of a cross appeared with the inscription "in hoc signo vinces " meaning "in this sign you will be victorious". Then later that night he had a dream which confirmed his previous vision. Constantine's association with Christianity began with a battle for control over the Western Roman Empire. Constantine faced the Western Roman Emperor Maxentius at the Tiber River's Mulvian Bridge in 312. CE. Before the battle Constantine saw a flaming cross in the sky reading "in this sign thou shalt conquer." This was true. Constantine did conquer by killing his enemy. This day wasn't only a big step for the Emperor, but also Christian faith.
Constantine dates
Constantine was born on February 27th, 272 CE and died May 22nd, 337 CE.
Constantine ruled from 306 to 337 CE.
He married his first wife, Minervina, in 303 CE., the marriage ended 307 CE. Constantine later remarried Fausta 307 CE which lasted until 326 CE.
His children were born between 16-30 CE.
Born: February 27, 272 AD in Naissus, Serbia
grew up in Naissus, in Upper Moesia
Died: May 22, 337 AD in Nicomedia, Turkey
Constantine embarked on his own military career, which took him all over the Roman Empire, from Palestine and Asia Minor to Britain, Spain, and Gaul. While crossing the Alps with his army, Constantine had a vision (or dream) of a cross of light shining in front of the sun and the words: In this sign conquer. Shortly after that vision, Constantine defeated his rival, Maxentius, captured Rome, and was acclaimed the next emperor.
Constantine life:

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