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Carter Racing Case

No description

Ben Leatherdale

on 25 November 2015

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Transcript of Carter Racing Case

The Breakdown
Carter Racing Case
Internal/External Factors
Don't race
race and blow an engine
Race but don't win
Race and win

Goodstone Tire = 40,000
Race Return = 7500
Oil Sponsor = 500,000
Total = 575,000

Goodstone Tire=15,000
Race Fee = 15,000
Current Dept = 50,000
Total = 80,000
Profit = Gains - Loss
Profit = 575,000 - 80,000
Profit = 495,000 (Gain)

Goodstone Tire = 40,000
Total = 40,000

Entry Fee = 15,000
Oil Sponser = 500,000
Total = 515,000
Profit = Gains - Loss
Profit = 40,000- 515,000
Profit= -475,000 (Loss)
S.M.A.R.T. goals

Goodstone Tire = 40,000
Oil Sponsor = 500,000
Total = 540,000

Entry Fee = 15,000
Total = 15,000
Profit = Gains - Loss
Profit = 540,000 - 15,000
Profit = 525,000 (Gain)

Goodstone Tire = 40,000
New Goodstone
Sponsorship = 1,000,000
Oil Sponsor = 500,000
Total = 1,540,000

Entry Fee = 15,000
Total = 15,000
Profit = Gains - Loss
Profit = 1,540,000 - 15,000
Profit = 1,525,000 (Gain)
Class Activity
What Do You Think?
What Do We Think?
Lets Use S.M.A.R.T.
Our Goal is Specific, All we wanna do is go fast!
Measurable and Attainable
This is very measurable and attainable
They had a very good year!
Wins = 50%
Losses = 20.83%
Blow Gasket = 29.17%
To be timely, Carter must give his answer within the hour
1. Using the S.M.A.R.T. model we determined the optimal decision for the Carter Racing Family
2. By mathematically investigating the case we also determined the most beneficial choice.
3. By using the experience of the head mechanic we can feel confident in our decision
Owner (John Carter)
Partner (Cousin Fred)
Chief Mechanic (Tom Burns)
Engine Mechanic (Paul Edwards)
Sponsors including Goodstone Tire and Oil Company
To race or not to race because of engine blowouts
If they lose they do not get sponsored
Why is the engine blowing?
An hour to make the final call
Internal Factors:
Team members
Car Problems
External Factors:
-Weather/racing conditions
Don't race
Race and blow an engine
Race but don't finish in the top 5
Race and come in the top 5
Get into your case groups:
take 5 minutes to discuss what you would
do if you were in charge of the Carter Racing Crew
select one person to represent your group and state what your group would do
Why Did We Use Smart?
It's a clear and concise way to investigate a goal or decision
Other Factors
We have determine:
Between 50 and 55 degree's there were 3 breaks
Between 55 and 60 degree's there were 2 breaks
Between 60 and 65 degree's there was 1 break
At 70 degree's there was 2 breaks
At 75 degree's there was 1 break
The Chief Mechanic Tom Burns:

20 years of being a mechanic
very experienced
That makes him an expert when formulating our opinion
Says the blowouts have nothing to do with the weather
Percents Of winning/losing/blowing
an engine
Carter Racing Case members:
Brett Dorey
Athar Khan
Ben Leatherdale
Mary-Evelyn Lee
Danielle Muehlegg
Jon Thompson
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