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The glasses

No description

Mr. Stack

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of The glasses

Why were they made
How has the Glasses Changed
As used for today, the glasses were made to improve your eyesight.
There are many types of glasses. The first eyeglasses made were in 1286 and had convex lenses like you may or may not have. It depends on if your near-sided or far-sided. If you're near-sided, you have concave lenses. For far-sided glasses they use convex lenses. The first glasses were made in Italy.
Where and When they were made
The Glasses
Katelyn Guy

There are many types of glasses. Sunglasses, 3D glasses for movies, eyeglasses, and now even google glasses.
Different Types of Glasses
The person that made the first eyeglasses was Salvino D'Armate.
How Did They change the Way we Live
Sometimes people loose their eyesight. Maybe the reason is a disorder or a disease. It might just be from reading in the dark. The glasses help. They magnify your eyesight and will help you see. Some people even think of it them as fashion accessories. Some glasses are also used to block out the sun.
Who Made the First Glasses
The glasses have changed many times over the years. At first the glasses were called the reading stone. Then, when you could finally wear the glasses they had no arms And then it becomes as it is today.
funny glasses
3D glasses
Google glasses
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