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Cindy Kirk

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Catholics

By: Cindy Kirk & Ashley Sherman Lets Take A Field Trip Through The Life Of A
Catholic History What is the body
of Christ? 29AD

Catholics believe that Catholicism started with the Apostle Peter

Peter - First Pope.

Vatican - The Holy City, Independent state, Spiritual center of the Catholic church St Francis Basilica Vatican and St Peters Basilica Catholics believe in one

Catholics believe God is
composed of 3 distinct
- The Father
- The Son
- The Holy Spirit

In Matthew 28.19
- God commands Apostles to baptize "in the name of The Father, of The Son and of The Holy Ghost Why is the sign of the cross made? The idea of the Pope was derived from a passage in the Bible: Matthew 16:17-19

Jesus gave Peter alone what is known as the "power of the keys."

Christ knew that someone needed to carry out the will of the Church, so therefore, he granted authority to Peter.

Peter developed the government of the Church. Where did the idea of the Pope come from? Jesus statement about the Eucharist at the Last

"This is my body"
in Luke 22:19-20 How many Sacraments are there? Pope Francis What is the education of a Priest? The education process of a Priest is very extensive

This education can last up to 5 or 6 years

The program differs within each country

In the US, priests are required to have a bachelors degree and an additional 4 or 5 years in graduate- level theology Can a woman be a Priest? The Vatican maintains the standard that only baptized men can become ordained due to the example set by Jesus

Jesus never appointed females as apostles Since it was the standard set by Jesus himself, the Vatican believes that they have no right to change it

Another argument is that Jesus can only be represented by males, because he was male himself in the words of the Church itself How does confession work? A Catholic priest can hear these sins either in a confessional booth for privacy, or face-to-face.

Each confession begins with the phrase, “Bless me Father, for I have sinned.”

Then the confessor must share with the priest the last time they confessed their sins

The confessor is now able to confess their sins in detail

After confessing the priest asks God to forgive the sinner and the person is given prayers to say in penance

A person is expected to be as honest as possible during Confession, though people may forget some of their sins

In the case that one forgets, they are still forgiven due to the fact that the priest absolves all sins. Why is Latin used in the Catholic church? Latin is the language of the Church because the Catholic Church began in the days of the Roman Empire.

Latin was spoken throughout the empire.

It was St. Peter who moved the seat of the Church government from Antioch to Rome, where the Catholic Church remains centered today. Why is the Rosary
significant? Rosary is a Latin term

Means a garland of roses, the
rose being one of the flowers
used to symbolize the
Virgin Mary

The rosary is a devotion in
honor of the Virgin Mary. What is the role of the Pope? Authority to
absolve sins,
assign discipline,
and make
judgments of

The Pope's ultimate role is to keep the Church stable, and to carry out God's will in the physical world. The future of the church Sacraments Eucharist Baptism Reconciliation - Also known as Penance or
Confession. Involves revealing our sins out loud to
have them forgiven by God. Confirmation - Rite that seals
one to the Holy Ghost.

Catholic Marriage

Holy Orders - Sacrament that
ordains bishops, priests,
and deacons.

Anointing of the Sick (last rights) - Ritual healing where a priest anoints blessed oil on a sick or dying person and prays for their salvation
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