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MAS-IA Resume Writing

Expert tips, tricks, dos and dont's of resume writing

GPS Career Services

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of MAS-IA Resume Writing

Reinventing Your Resume
IR/PS Career Services
MAS-IA Career Development Program

Purpose is to obtain an interview/land a position
No one correct way – depends on the norms of that culture, sector, or employer
Customize for each application
Include only necessary, relevant information
Consider your audience!!!
Resume overview

Review and upload an
EDITED version
of your resume by
Limit bullets to 2-5
List bullets in order of importance/relevance
Start each bullet with an action verb
Quantify wherever possible
Highlight achievements
Experience extras
Include name of organization, position title, location and dates of employment
List work experience in reverse chronological order OR separate into two sections: “Relevant” and “Other”
Experience basics


Need to consider both!
Consider revising your resume using the templates we’ll email following this workshop
Upload your revised resume into IRPSCAREERS by Monday, October 4th for review
Depending on feedback, meet with a coach for further discussion
Next steps
STAR statements
Honors and Awards
Community Service
Leadership Activities
Specialized Training
Professional Affiliations
Additional resume sections
Consistent verb tense
Consistent formatting and style
Resume format extras
Evolution of an
MAS-IA Resume
Spell out acronyms the first time they’re listed
Instead of...
“Conducted market research related to the sustainable fisheries industry”
“Identified a $50K revenue opportunity in the sustainable fisheries industry through market analysis and assessment of client’s internal capabilities for expansion”
“Put on training sessions for supervisors in corporation”
“Lowered operating costs in my division by $135,000.”
“Initiated cost reducing plan in my division, resulting in 27% ($135,000) cost reduction with no negative effect on production capability.”

“Conducted leadership training for 48 supervisory and management level staff members”
David Robertson:
Private Sector/Energy/
International Orgs

Tamara Golden:
U.S. Public Sector/Think Tanks

Nurit Mandel:
Int'l Development/Non-profit Sector
IR/PS coaching staff
See the IRPSCAREERS quickstart guide
How do I upload my resume?
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