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A Break With the Past

Intro to 20th century music.

Michael Flores

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of A Break With the Past

A Break with the Past Intro to 20th century music General Characteristics of the Enlightenment The supremacy of the human.
The primacy of reason.
Shift toward Cultural relativism. Consistent Similarities 20th century Both periods shared: The desire to “make it new.”
The infiltration of the popular.
The use of recording technology for production.
The performance as event. Anti-clerical.
Natural law.
Deism. With reason, the world could be made perfect. Philosophers:
Voltaire = through reason, world can be perfected.
Rousseau = distrusted monarchy, religion, appealed to emotion. Some Characteristics of Romanticism Appeal to Folk Art. Favored simplicity and nature. Primacy of emotion. Move toward veneration of the masses. Retreat to medievalism. Introduction of Gothic romance. Rise of the importance of individualism. Industrial revolution. Adherence to master narratives.
Primacy of Newtonian mechanics.
Theory of unified self.
Conception of Linear time.
Power of logic. Remember:
Fragmentation, subversion, decentering. Non-linear conception of time.
Quantum mechanics.
Uncertainty of knowledge.
Fragmented self. One example of a break with the past = 1913, Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring." Works Referred: Enlightenment:
Brians, Paul. "The Enlightenment." The Enlightenment. Washington State University, 18 May 2000. Web. 29 Jan. 2013.

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