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UnLtd's impact

9 January 2014

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Transcript of UnLtd's impact

Our impact
What does impact mean for us?
Our direct impact is the effect we have on social entrepreneurs and the ventures we help them set up or grow.
Jenny Dawson, Rubies in the Rubble
and that helps social entrepreneurs to create...
social impact!
What happens when we support a social entrepreneur?
“The award has helped me believe in myself because UnLtd could see the idea was good.”
Would not have run their venture, or would have struggled to do so, without their Award
We change people's perceptions of what they can do
We offer connections to other financial and non-financial support
Our support offer is designed to help people through the different stages and transitions in their journeys
Pro-bono advice and mentoring
Peer support
Access to investors
Conceiving and developing idea
Piloting, testing and refining
Small scale sustainability
Scaling or replication
Character and attributes
Motivation and inspiration
Background and experiences
Venture stops running
Social entrepreneur steps back
These are options at any stage...
The journey of a social entrepreneur: learning by doing
We help people turn their ideas into action....
Assembling resources
Getting others interested
Formal or informal planning
Delivering at a small scale to see if the idea works
Learning what's needed to deliver
Finding a business model that's financially and personally sustainable
Gradual growth and development
Securing investment
Building a team
Growing the venture, or its impact, quickly
We don't assume that everyone will go through all stages
Or even that they want to
But they don't necessarily represent 'failure'
Aim achieved
Approach taken on by a mainstream service
Business can't be sustained
Personal or financial circumstances change
Moves on to set up another venture
Doing everything yourself
Alex Lockett, Project Pigeon
Alex initially received a start up Award for Project Pigeon through UnLtd's Engage programme. Later, she got £10,000 to help make the venture sustainable. She's now looking to replicate her pigeon fancying workshops, which bring old and young together, in different parts of the country
Our impact on... social entrepreneurs
Our impact on...social ventures
What happens next...social impact
Their confidence grows as they develop their social venture with our help
[confidence curve]
They become better equipped to be social entrepreneurs
They gain new skills
We help them grow their networks
[skills wordle]
For some people, the impact is quite profound
[more info/examples]
• Ideas tested and refined
• New social ventures established
• Social ventures become more sustainable
• Social ventures progress to the next stage of their development, for example becoming investment ready
• Social ventures grow in scale and grow their social impact

• Social ventures create positive impact for their beneficiaries/ participants/ customers/ clients
• Social ventures create positive social capital, for example by bringing people together or promoting trust in communities
• Social ventures contribute to the economy, for example by providing employment for the founders or others
• Social ventures develop products or services that are new to their organisations or the market
• Social ventures are led by people who come from disadvantaged communities
• Social entrepreneurs help to encourage others to get involved in social entrepreneurship and/or directly support other social entrepreneurs
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