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Creativity and Collaboration in Reading Comprehension

No description

Audrey Ko

on 30 April 2012

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Transcript of Creativity and Collaboration in Reading Comprehension

Using the iPad: Creativity and Collaboration Test 1 Audience: 1st grader class at Oyster Adams Bilingual School

Problem: How can reading comprehension be fun and collaborative?

Digital Platform: StoryKit app for the iPad and iPhone Background Suggestions for Interdisciplinary Lessons in the Classrooms is important too Conclusion About the StoryKit App Every day, students participate in small guided reading groups (about 4-5 students) for about 15 minutes with a teacher as the facilitator. They use a critical reading strategy such as identifying beginning, middle, end, making connections, and asking deep questions. create your own book, add pictures (from photo library or by snapping a new one), drawings, audio, and text
share your book by sending via email to friends and family
kid-friendly Museum
Applications 1 2 3 Test 1 -
and Feedback Drawing is the favorite method
Students knew how to use the iPad already
Students are verbal learners-they talk while they work
StoryKit app is intuitive
Students figured out how to erase despite the fact that there is no erase button!
Main feedback from group:
Focus more on collaboration aspect Although one student used the iPad at a time, each student was engaged
Thinking out loud but now in collaboration mode
Feeling of accomplishment as a group; each student was proud of his/her page but also rejoiced in overall story Test 2 -
Observations According to Jean Piaget, in 1st grade, students learn by drawing, mental imitations, symbolic play, and informal experiences
The iPad and the StoryKit app
powerful digital platform for attracting young students
think and act faster
opportunities for sharing not only with classmates but parents and other social circles
Creating, writing, drawing, and then solving math stories Drawing backdrops (that will be displayed on a screen) for a play that the students will act out in front of the class
Collage project based on a weekly or bi-weekly theme More Suggestions Thank you... National Postal Museum
Education Innovators Program (EIP)
Fellows in EIP
Class 1A at Oyster Adams Bilingual School 1. Collaborative tour groups
2. Scavenger Hunt
3. Memory-Making
4. Share on website or blog
5. Docent tours Read "The Rap Party"
by Helen Depree Reading strategy:
Making connections Read "Marvella and the Moon"
by Linda Massola Reading strategy: Work in small group and retell the story with an alternate ending
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