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Sonia Singh

on 6 November 2016

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By: Sonia, Priya, Angus & Aafiya
Atticus Finch
Answer These Questions in Order to...
Connections & Passages
Thank You
Sean Bean
Gregory Peck
One night, Jem, Dill, and Scout sneaked into the Radley's backyard, hoping to get to see Boo Radley; they wound up getting shot at by Mr. Nathan. Jem tears and loses his
pants during the escape. When he goes back for them, the tear is crudely stitched up. On the way to school, Jem and Scout find a ball of yarn in the tree hole. They also find carvings of a boy and girl, a medal, and a pocket watch. Mr. Nathan filled the hole with cement, stating that the tree was dying. That winter, it snowed for the first time in years in Maycomb; Scout and Jem built their first snowman. That night, Miss Maudie's house caught fire and later collapsed. Neither Scout or Jem saw Boo Radley as he placed a blanket around Scout's shoulders. Later on, Atticus stated that he
knew he would lose Tom Robinson's case, but could not give up for moral reasons. The Finches spend time with their family during Christmas. There, Atticus reveals that his case
involving Tom Robinson will change their lives forever, for better or for worse. Atticus shot Tim Johnson, a
mad dog that was roaming the streets of Maycomb. He was not proud this, however,
because he had to end a life.
1) Why do you think Boo Radley decided to give Scout a blanket when there was a risk that he would be seen?
2) In this novel, how do the expectations of men and women differ?
Throughout these chapters, Scout and Jem find trinkets in a tree hole on the Radley property. Boo Radley did this to reach out to the children; it was his way of keeping in contact with the outside world. Us humans enjoy spending time with others. We love to express ourselves by using different mediums, such as poetry, singing, dancing, or sketching.
Atticus Finch is the father of Scout (Jean Louise), and Jem (Jeremy). He is a kind man, and firmly believes that everyone should be treated equally, especially in a courtroom. He emphasized this point by defending Tom Robinson as best as he could, not because Tom was black, but because he was innocent. Atticus is courteous, and avoids making negative comments about others. However, after Tom Robinson was found guilty for "raping Mayella Ewell," Atticus said that anyone who took advantage of another person due to anything they can't change, such as the colour of their skin, "is trash" (223). He is the embodiment of justice and equality in this novel.
The education of the children has been involved throughout the novel. This theme is more powerful between Atticus and his children than Scout and Miss Caroline. Atticus always teaches his children of having a moral sense. Though Scout's teacher Miss Caroline may be very frustrating to deal with, Atticus tells her to follow the teacher's rules, so there wouldn't be any problems for anyone. The novel's conclusion of education is that being sympathetic and understanding is the best way to teach these morals. Atticus's ability to put his feet in his children's shoes makes him an excellent teacher, whereas Miss Caroline's commitment to the education techniques that she learned from college is very dangerous and is ineffective.

Sean Bean would be a brilliant representation of Atticus Finch. Like Atticus, he takes his work very seriously and enjoys reading. He has also acted as people who share the same qualities and beliefs as Atticus. He played Eddard (Ned) Stark in Game of Thrones. Ned had a strong sense of justice; similarly to Atticus, he obeyed the laws of his world to the best of his abilities. Sean Bean also acted as Boromir from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Boromir was extremely loyal to his friends and the people of his home. He always thought of their well-being, and tried to make his every action become a benefit to those he cared about. Ultimately, Boromir ends up sacrificing himself for the Fellowship of the Ring. Atticus is also very loyal and committed; after being appointed Tom Robinson's case,he did everything he could for him.
A magnificent representation of Atticus Finch would be Gregory Peck. Gregory Peck is a very just person like Atticus Finch and Peck also has an imposing stature like him. Atticus Finch is an authority figure and Peck always acts as a leader or an authority figure in his movies. Most of his films has a political view and the characters he acts as is very courageous and has a strong sense of justice. Atticus Finch is a very just person, since he supported Tom Robinson in his case. As you can see, a majority of Gregory Peck's characteristics are similar to the characteristics of Atticus Finch. Overall, I believe that Gregory Peck would be the perfect representation of Atticus Finch.
Gregory Peck
Atticus Finch is a very courageous man, a stands up for what he believes. I think that Liam Neeson would be a wonderful actor to play Atticus finch. He is courageous, extremely passionate about what he thinks is right, and always follows the law to ensure everybody's well being. Liam Neeson played Air Marshal Bill Marks in the action packed, airplane movie, Non-Stop. In that movie he was extremely passionate to the belief that someone was a criminal. Although everyone was against him, he still displayed courage against all of them. He is an Air Marshal, and takes great responsibility to follow the law to ensure the well being of others. I think Liam Neeson is a great Atticus Finch.
Liam Neeson
The motif of these chapters, is social inequality. It is shown many times in the book, that being black in a white dominated world, is a very challenging and unfair task. Being black, you have much less benefits, and respect from the community. Even if you were right, no one would believe you just because you are black. This shows that the white community does not accept black people as equals, and see them as inferiors causing social inequality. Robinson would have surely been guilty, if it wasn't for Atticus Finch. The social inequality says so.
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