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Fahrenheit 451: The Impact of Technology and the Power of Information

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Brian Willis

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Fahrenheit 451: The Impact of Technology and the Power of Information

“After all, a computer is a book and a long-playing record is a book – they just have different shapes. It doesn’t matter where you get your knowledge, as long as you get it. You can get it from a wonderful motion picture, you can get it from a book of poetry, and you can get it from all the great audio discs and tapes that are being made. Those are all books, and people shouldn’t mistake the shape.”
– Ray Bradbury, 1989 But he didn’t believe in books as only paper. Ray Bradbury knew that the highest transmission of knowledge still occurs through reading and writing books.
Bradbury is telling us that we can trust the information in books more than we can trust the information in technology – because technology that is used purely for entertainment can reduce our ability to be active agents with the information.

The information from technology can also be manipulated by the creators of the technology, and so WE can be manipulated by technology – without even realizing it. Create Your Own Power Ray Bradbury is correct in warning us that technology is not always a positive influence.

Technology was created to be a tool for humankind, but tools can be misused or abused.

Books, for the most part, cannot be misused but can impart information to us which we can use to our advantage. Not All Information Is Alike
“The real threat is ignorance and the lack of education”.

He says: “I’ve never worked a day in my life”. Why?

Bradbury calls writing “a game in my mind.” Is reading a game in your mind as well? The Real Question
Bradbury taught himself the knowledge and information he needed to be a successful writer by reading books in the library.

In other words, he found everything he needed to know by reading books. THAT is the “Power of Information”!

What is the opposite of the Power of Information? Information

He said: “Fahrenheit is firmly based in technology and what we are doing to ourselves with television.”

He also shares the information that he never went to college. Where does he say that he received his education? Technology and Information Here is the author, Ray Bradbury, to tell the story of how he came to write the book. What is the book about?
What does the title mean?
Here’s your first clue: the word Fahrenheit is the scientific
word used to measure temperature. So a typical day in Whittier
is usually around 82˚F –
the F stands for Fahrenheit! ESSAY THEMES You should be keeping the following issues and themes in mind as you will need to submit a essay on one of these topics before we are done.

The Dangers of Technology

The Dangers of Conformity

The Dangers of Censorship As we read, we will look for the following symbols and themes in Bradbury’s novel, and record them on our sideboard as notes. What to Look For INFORMATION can be found from these sources…
Personal phones

Personal phones
Ipads Technology and Information
How do the issues of Fahrenheit 451 – the role of technology in our lives, the power of information in books – impact ME and YOU in real life and in this classroom?

According to Bradbury, what is the importance of books? Do you agree?

What is the role of technology in our lives? How much technology do you use every day on average? The Real World

Bradbury specifically states the book is about what theme? Themes of the Book About what profession?

What does that profession do in the book that is different from what they do in our society?

What does the title refer to?

Where did Bradbury find out this information?

What did Bradbury have to do in order to write the book that surprised you? So Fahrenheit 451 is… Fahrenheit 451: The Impact of Technology and the Power of Information
A six week journey through the Ray Bradbury novel and the ideas behind technology and information Don’t worry! We will read this novel together in the beginning so that I can show you how to read it and to look for Bradbury’s symbols and descriptive language. Guided Reading There are a few key elements of the story that I would like us to focus on as we read the novel. Are You a “Fireman” – or are you Granger? Different covers to Fahrenheit 451
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