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Arts and Sponsorship

No description

marie brennan

on 7 February 2011

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Transcript of Arts and Sponsorship

What comes to mind when we think of sponsorship

Marathons/swims/silences - people power working in association with charity TV Shows Sports events Product Placement Sponsorship should be treated like a partnership Know your arts project's values and match these with those people and organisations you want to 'partner' with Match your sponsor to your values Match to your target market Match by Scope - is your project Local? Regional? National? International? Match to your art form Match to your location/environment Who can be a sponsor? WIIIFM? Be clear on this in your proposals Exclusivity rights (as with the Olympics) What can your project assist with? Brand image/awareness? Targetting customers? Share attributes? (edgy, high culture, socially responsible)

Sponsorship planning - not a quick fix - best not done in a rush Research and more research
find out as much as you can about the companies you approach - or in the case of individuals - their demographic and pyschographic profiles - press their 'hot' buttons!

Know thyself - what are you? Who are you?

Why are you (values) Policy - who do you want to work with and who is to be avoided - and why..... Don't go for anyone or it could be counterproductive for the message you want to give out.
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