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Changing Behaviour as an energy saving solution

Part of the warmer homes project

Ngozi Fakeye

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Changing Behaviour as an energy saving solution

'combine these approaches with
behavioural change for sustainable
reduction in carbon emissions'
Behavioural change can deliver
sustained savings of between 5% and 10%
of all energy use. (AEA report 2009)
Leading researcher Dr. K. Carrie Armel
their approaches
web and
Sovereign’s sustainability strategy
'influencing behavioural change through education, information and engagement’
GOAL: To see a reduction in net energy usage and affordable warmth for our residents.
Why a character?
Characters have been a proven success for behavioural change campaigns!

successful because they represent a message… memorable character = memorable message.
Why a dragon?
went through a design process and testing
He looks interesting and likeable
symbolises warmth
Never been used before for a campaign- innovative!
An integrated strategy
live events – Mascot centered
App - incorporate rent notifications, reminders etc
Social media -
Game -
% of our residents are online and mobile
comic series
Print – literature
Why this approach?
value on investment:
10% average savings by our residents
more affordable than structural intervention
a wider reach than structural intervention
you have a sustainable outcome
it has a long shelflife
proven results - 72% of residents in a trial reduced energy use.*
in the housing sector
carbon emissions harm the planet and organisations have a responsibility to act NOW
the top 10 in our region have
a sustainability strategy

structural intervention
Experts say
part of the warmer homes project
84% of residents
access computers
88% have
29% have
81% of
home visits
test our approach
next steps
with a sampling of 100 residents
* energy and people conference, Oxford 2011.
Our suggested approach
support a change in behaviour through education
but with a twist
do nothing new
do what we have been doing
introduce the integrated approach
the control group
**testing the character, includes testing if we have the name right too
Feedback and questions
energy saving toolkit
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