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Vera Wang

No description

Jennifer Li

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Vera Wang

Vera Wang The Empress of Fashion Group #1
Erika Heffernan
Jia Li
Sumita Seth
Katie Bannon
Chantel Paul Who is Vera Wang? Wedding Expert and Role Model Vera Wang's Branding Story Vera Wang Builds Her Brand Name "When I was an editor at Vogue, I had a lot of bad luck." “I was the girl who nobody thought would ever get married,” Wang later says. “I was going to be a fashion nun the rest of my life. . . . But Ralph said, ‘Get yourself a husband and family.’ ” "Bridal was an outlet for me to express myself, and my own design sense, and my own experience. I didn’t make it to that level of competition, but my clothes did." Vera Wang Goes to Kohl's “What we’ve developed is a brand that means something to the average American. To just have a fashion collection would be almost impossible. The licensees make us profitable.” Simply Vera-Vera Wang Kohl's Commercial Comparisons With Other Brands "Take Vera Wang with you on this journey." http://www.theclothingqueen.com/?p=155 http://www.bates-communications.com/powerspeakerblog/?month=9&year=2010 http://www.vogue.com/voguepedia/Vera_Wang http://www.vogue.com/voguepedia/Vera_Wang http://www.harpersbazaar.com/fashion/fashion-articles/vera-wang-childhood http://stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com/2009/06/10/rumor-patrol-vera-wang-to-dance-with-the-stars/ http://www.vogue.com/voguepedia/Vera_Wang http://www.vogue.com/voguepedia/Vera_Wang http://hipholitics.info/vera-wang-spring-2012-ready-to-wear/vera-wang/ A Chinese girl born in a wealthy family in NY
A former figure skater
The youngest editor of Vogue
Design director for Ralph Lauren accessories
Realized her dream at Ralph Lauren
Designed her own wedding dress
Created her own fashion empire She and Arthur Becker planned their wedding in 1989
Her own design: contemporary and reflective of current styles
In 1990, she opened her own luxury salon (modern wedding gown styles)in NY
Various price points: "good, better, and best"
Designs for celebrities Became a wedding consultant
Started designing hard lines (non-clothing items)
Line of fragrances
Home, beauties and accessories
Designed figure skaters costumes
In 2005, Vera Wang salon on Fifth Avenue
Luxury products for upper-middle class
"I want to make Clothes people can actually afford" The Importance of Branding September 9, 2007, Simply Vera product line launched at Kohl's department stores
Price points: moderate range-from $70 to $100
Well designed and fashionable styles
Expression of lifestyle
Comfort and confidence
Simplicity and perfection A sportswear and accessories line "It is a new way of living, not just of dressing." http://www.girvin.com/blog/?p=1850 Marc Jacobs, Thakoon, Carolina Herrera Ralph Lauren had many obstacles to overcome on his climb to the top
The home collection started it off as a disaster
Up-to-date communication strategies
Spend a lot more money on commercials and advertisements Advertisements of Vera Wang Love and romance
Comfort The values of a company
Identity of the brand
Personality of the brand
Passionate about the work
Hard work with humility
"You are respected for your talents and skills."
http://www.femininethings.org/2011/05/perfume-marketing-and-feminist_24.html http://ca.images.search.yahoo.com/images/view Thank You! http://www.vogue.com/voguepedia/Vera_Wang Spring 2013 Runway Serta Vera Wang Mattress Ralph Laren-In His Own Words Michelle Becker Wang's Personality has Reflected her Brand http://xovera.verawang.com/newsletters/102
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