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mountain solo

No description

pedro liriano

on 7 May 2018

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Transcript of mountain solo

mountain solo
The theme was to never give up on your dreams and keep the way you want to live the same and never change it cause then you will not get anything better than you wanted.
Favorite part
My favorite part of the book is when she goes back the way she wanted it to be and becomes a violin teacher.
The book is about a girl that setted up her life to be a violin teacher but she gave it all away to live with her father in montana.she stayed at the house and made her life until she heard that a guy died that was playing violin.She went looking and trying to find out what happen to see his violin and maybe start playing the violin again and be the woman she wanted to be.She finds his violin and starts playing it and makes her way to leave her father and makes her life to be a violin teacher and makes her life the way she wanted it to be.(Also the mother died at the beginning).
mother(did not say the mothers name)

Fredrick's House
new york
tess's house(her house)

written by:Jeanette Gold
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