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POS and Inventory System

No description

kyut kho

on 16 July 2013

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Transcript of POS and Inventory System Scope
2.2.3 Scope and Limitations
Proponents :
Bernese, Christian
Marin, Jayce C.
Millan, Regie B.
Porcado, Heavenlyn C.

Ms. Fern B. Francisco
Thesis Adviser
I. Introduction :

Inventory System (IS) is a specific implementation of an inventory service and it is used to plan and track inventory balances and activities. Inventory is basically the total amount, number of stocks and records of supply or materials of a store and other business.
Philippine Computer Company (PhilCom) is specialized in buying and selling computer parts and offers brand new and second-hand computer materials. They also offer computer services like computer check-up, assembling and formatting.
Point of Sale (POS) is an electronic system designed to help business maintain and analyze inventory and transaction data on a continuous basis, but POS refers to the place where transaction occurs in exchange for goods and services.
1.1 Background of the Problem

PhilCom uses an existing manual system in everyday transactions. The cashier literally writes down the customer’s order in a common printed receipt used also by the store or shop without computerized system.

Using Microsoft Excel as the main storage of the company’s inventory and sales report will cause problems such as data redundancy, data lost and data integrity because anyone can easily access the company’s master list.
1.2 Overview of the current state of the technology

PhilCom is a competitive business company that exercises manual system in their transactions such as purchasing of stocks, inventory ordering of products and providing sales report.

Now a day, most of the business depends on the fast-phased changing of technologies being applied in the business. This technology helps business to run smoothly and able to make the work easier and more accurate. Having this technology, the company spends less time in doing such work and can able to do more jobs in the business.
Local Literature :
Willyson Merchandising Computerized Sales and Inventory System
(Thesis-STI College Paraaque)

The study aims to develop a computerized sales and inventory system for Willyson Merchandising for accurate and faster transactions such as purchasing of products and inventory.
The only difference is that the proposed system will include the Point of Sale (POS) system that uses barcode reader that makes marking down prices and recording the markdowns easy. The similarity of this system is that they have inquiries to the supplier for the supply of making their products.
Pelican Bleu Bar and Restaurant Computerized Sales and Inventory System with Online Reservation
(Thesis-STI College Paraaque)

The study aims to develop a flexible and efficient computerized system that can expand to provide a smooth flow of transaction in case there will be changes to the overall flow of business.
The proponents adopted the local literature because study is almost the same. The Computerized Sales and Inventory System that the proponents will develop for efficient way in processing the transaction; such as monitoring of stocks and generating of report
SDCC’s Pharmacy and Appliance Financing Computerized Sales and Inventory System
(Thesis-STI College Paraaque)

The study aims to develop a Computerized Sales and Inventory system for SDCC’s for minimize time and effort in monitoring and recording transactions also in generating report in a much efficient way.
The study aims to develop a Computerized Sales and Inventory System that will help the company minimize the time, effort and manage to increase the profit as the main goal of the proponents of the SDCC. The study is somewhat identical to the goal of making such system for PhilCom.
Foreign Literature :
Point of Sale System for innOwaiter

The Point of Sale (POS) for innOwaiter restaurant that manage their inventory, keep record of sales, track accounts and manage menus and recipes
The Computerized Sales and Inventory System with Point of Sale the proponents will develop for PhilCom will help the company to manage their inventory, keep record of sales, track accounts and more proficient in customer relationship management.
Cash Inventory System for Alerant

ALECASH provides an automatic way for opening and closing the cash inventory. It loads the basic, client and account information at the opening. Supports verification of cash inventory (audit) and cash transactions concluded on that day (item verification) when closing.
The said inventory system is the same with the Inventory System that proponents will develop it enables tracking and documenting transaction. It can be integrated, further developed and customized.
Point of Sale System for China Restaurant Market

The POS system for China Restaurant is designed to be user oriented so that it can support the business seamlessly. Since restaurants' standard of operations, business formats, models and cultural backgrounds vary according to different regions of the world, it is necessary for the POS system to support service localization. The POS system is no longer a simple tool but a new competitive edge for restaurant operation of the said company.
The POS of China Restaurant is also the same with system that the proponents will develop it will help the company to be competitive using the Point of Sale and Inventory System to other company that already uses a system to their businesses.
II. Project Description

Information system is developed to help business run smoothly and accurately. These systems are easily to use that even naive user can manipulate it. Also these systems are designed to prevent data leaking and only administrators can access it. A change in the database is only possible when correct username and password is key in. these records can be retrieved nor verified for future transactions of the company.

The proponents therefore want to implement an automated system from the manual process which the company used in order save records for their sales and purchases. This automated system will help the company to maintain and track records of the counter sales, purchases, reorder levels, supplier and customer monitory positions and other transactions done in the counter.

Sales and inventory system helps the company to improve productivity, convenience and efficiency for both the company and customers. This kind of system is designed to help people improve services and to increase profit and can easily make reliable and timely decisions.
2.1 Problem Statement

The proponents chose to have a Point of Sales and Inventory System with Online Viewing of products and other services for PhilCom. Point of Sales and Inventory System is very effective in this kind of business because of its nature of selling products and transacting with the customers and suppliers and its ability to minimize the work and time of the user.
The main goal of the study is to implement better and accurate Point of Sales and Inventory System that will handle tasks in a much more saving time and effort. Having computerized Point of Sales and Inventory System will improve manual system which is time consuming and less efficient.
2.1.1 General Problem
How to develop and implement a computerized Point of Sales and Inventory System with Online Viewing for PhilCom?
2.1.2 Specific Problems
• How to develop a module that will monitor the critical level of each stock?
• How to develop a module that will be effective in payments transaction?
• How to develop a module that will generate various reports concerning sales and inventory?
* Application
> Sales
1. Payments
2. Discounts
3. Customer Return
4. Services
5. Products
6.Customer’s Pending Order
7. Reports
> Inventory
1.Purchases Order
3.Return to Suppliers
5.Pending Orders to Supplier
> Security
1.User Authentication
2.Audit Trail
3.User Account
> Website Utility
1.Web Browser
* Website
> Home Page
1.Profile Section
2.Event Section
> Company Information
> Products Menu
> Services Offered Limitation
• Ability to Accept Credit Card Payments
• Ability to Accept Online Payment
A Proposed Study of Point of Sale and Inventory System with Online Ordering and Bar Code Scanner for PhilCom.
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