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About the westgate school

No description

Edward Hall

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of About the westgate school

Tutor groups
You have a tutor for your whole school career unless someone needs to get moved. There are lots of different tutors, they are where you have your morning and afternoon register. The tutor bases are all around the school. The tutor is also available for asking questions or telling them if you have had any problems on the bus ,train or during the day. Also, there is tutor time before first lesson and before fifth lesson. There are seven tutor rooms in year 7 around the school.
Merits and house points
At the Westgate school we have this sistem were you get merits.The merits are given out after every lesson, unless you don't pay attention ,your uniform is messy or you didn't bring the right equipment. If you get 30 merits you get one house point. Lots of children get at least thirty to forty merits a week.If you get 660 merits you have a week at the end of the year where you have a whole week free with no school work.
Languages and trips
The school is quite unique because they have a selection of different languages like spanish, French,Mandarin and german. This also allows you to go to different countries for school trips in different years.If you have already chosen a language you can change if you want to do something else.
Welcome to the Westgate school
The Westgate schools best subjects are science and technology. There are two science blocks and eight rooms. Our pupils try there best at the Westgate school.
Sports and clubs
The Westgate school has many sports like football, rugby, badminton, basketball and many more. The school also has lots of after school clubs like homework club and science club . The homework club is where you can get advice from teachers.The club is in the school library.
House leaders
The Westgate school has multiple options of different transport such as: trains from Southampton or buses from Andover. However most people live in Winchester and walk to school or get dropped off. It gets quite busy after school because lots of parents are picking up their children from school.
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