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No description

kylie schmitz

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Gangs

Gangs History... Activities... Popular Gangs... Gangs have been around for many centuries. New immigrants are often put into gangs. Poor orphan children often join gangs. There are roughly 30,000 gangs across America. Gangs make most of their money through drug trading. Stealing Cars
Drug Trafficking
Making Hand Signals, Cloth, & Jewelry Latin Kings - largest & most organized Hispanic street gang. Mexican Mafia - oldest & most powerful prison gang. Crips - wear blue Bloods - wear red bandanas Surenos - wear blue bandanas & southside tattoos Types... Street Gangs - have similar backgrounds and motivations Prison Gangs - groups of people in prisons and institutions who have murdered someone Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs - use clubs for conduits for criminal activites
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