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Maha Huda

on 13 October 2011

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Transcript of MAHAHUDA;)

HIP HOP Hip hop is a musical expression and an artistic
culture. It was born during the 1970's in New York City.
HISTORY hip hop was born somewhere near the early 70's.Hip hop is known as rap music an also known as MC- ing, DJ-ing, and graffiti.it is specifically African American music. Jamican's had born DJ clive. Herc was the developer of break-beat deejaying. Hip Hop culture was born in 1982.Hip hop is global, in Asia, The Middle East , Africa, Canada, France,Germany Etc. where did this style of music come from?
Hip hop all started in New York in 1994. Hip hop is played in many different languages and countries. Such as japan, but some people don’t know how to listen in English so they decided to put it in their language like Japanese hip hop singers would sing in Korean or Japanese and also France singers would sing in French but it would be in hip hop, it would be fast and hard.
- I wannna go (Brittney Spears)
- Till im gone (Wiz Khalifa)
- Im into you (Jennifer Lopez)
- Lovin (Mohambi)
- Criminal (Brittney Spears)
- Chasin you (Akon)
- Invading my mond (Jennifer Lopez)
- Say yes (Nicole Scherzinger) Hip hop songs:
how does this music sound? Hip hop is really fast and hard so singers and other artist would use instruments that would be fast and hard such as band guitars, pianos and kick drum. These types of music can mean many different stories and some might just not. There are songs like HOW TO LOVE (Lil Wayne), NEXT TO YOU (Chris brown and Justin Bieber), and IMPOSIBLE (Shantelle) and ‘hey young world’ (slick rick) that talks about him ‘giving advice to the younger generation to learn from their experience’. And all so songs that don’t tell a story like SUPER BASS (Nicki Manaj), CLUB CANT HANDLE ME (Flo Rida). This style of music is usually about 5-6miniutes because this type of music is really fast so there voice will go away so it has to be short and fast. This style of music (hip hop) doesn’t really have a general mood it can be any mood such as sad, emotional, angry, mad, exited etc. examples of this type of music? This type of music most teenagers and pre-teens like to listen to because it’s fast and hard. Adults and seniors don’t like listening to this music because they think there ear will go deaf because of the fast, loud and hard tempo. Since we are pre-teens we obviously like to listen to this type of music and only type of music we want to listen to it because of its tempo. Our group like this type of music because this is probably the loudest type of music. You can compare it to classical. CLASSICAL
Music Hip hop music is also called rap. The elements of music are MCing/rapping, DJing/scratching, breaking/dancing, and graffiti writing. Other elements are beat boxing. Hip hop music is usually called rap.

Dance Hip Hop dance is all referred to Hip hop culture. Includes breaking, locking, popping which was started by an African American in 1970’s. More than 30 years hip hop dance was known as a professional breaking, locking and popping.

Fashion Hip Hop fashion was started by an African American youth in New York. Then increased popularity in several cities such as; Los Angeles, Orlando, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay Area, Detroit, Memphis, Atlanta, St. Louis, Jersey City, Miami and Toronto. In the early 1980’s they established sportswear and fashion brands. And also converse, puma, and Adidas. Heavy jewellery was a Hip Hop fashion. THE END :)
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