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Calculus: Applications to Biology and Medicine

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Tanvi Patel

on 30 December 2013

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Transcript of Calculus: Applications to Biology and Medicine

Calculus: Applications to biology and medicine
Real-Life Calculus
The name calculus often brings about terror amongst people. It is one strand of math which many people are afraid of coming across. But, it has real-life applications in ways that people who not imagine. Biology and Medicine use calculus in unbelievable ways. Let's take a look.
Blood Flow

Calculus can be used to determine the blood flow in an artery or a vein at a given point in time.

Cardiac output
Calculus can be used to find the amount of blood pumped through the heart per unit time.
TUMour growth
Calculus can be used to determine how fast a tumour is growing or shrinking and how many cells make up a tumour.
As you can see, calculus can be applied to many real-life situations. Biology and Medicine have particular uses for certain principles in calculus to better serve and treat people. It has many beneficial uses and makes medical/biological processes easier.
thank you!!
By: Tanvi Patel
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