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Our Presentation for Computer

Riley C.

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Hacking

Digital Hacking Tools
The main type of hacking tool is simply called "Hacking Tools."Hacking tools are designed to use programs already on the device in order to gain access to information or control of certain parts of the computer. Hacking tools don't need you to click a link; anybody with a wireless connection and the correct tools on their computer can use them as long as they have a wireless link to your computer.
The threat that
is susceptible to.
Personal Hacking
Personal hacking has always been a problem. The problem started with people hacking into celebrities' social media accounts. The most widely known recent celebrity or company hacking is the Sony hacking. The hackers released a lot of information about Sony because of the movie they had recently made called 'The Interview.' There are many different types of hacking; there even apps to help you hack!
Identity Theft
The second type of hacking tool is called a RAT. RATs can easily blend in as part of the computer software until they need to be activated. Once activated, however, they can take control of the entire computer. Rats can be used in order to gather information, sabotage, or control entire facilities.

Key Loggers
Usually hackers need to have direct access to your computer in order to use Key Loggers. Key Loggers are used only to gain information about what one has typed, but the method used can vary from digitally recording input to manually registering key strokes. If a hacker wished to record your key strokes manually, he would have to have direct access to your computer. However, if the hacker wants to digitally record input, he could use a program downloaded to your computer.
That's All
Well, always remember to try and spot phishing when it happens. Try to check the spelling and logo to make sure it's the real deal. Hover over the link to check it out before clicking on it. But that's just some of the threat of hacking. We haven't even gone into Trojans, Worms, Spyware, and countless others. That's how hacking works.
One of the fastest growing crimes in the world is identity theft, and it has recently been proven that it takes over nine-million Americans by surprise each year. The FBI states Identity Theft as "A stolen identity is a powerful cloak of anonymity for criminals and terrorists…and a danger to national security and private citizens alike." Identity theft is no joke, and nowadays it's the new hacking wildfire; Hackers are now targeting your identity.
In the year of 2010 70 million identities were lost due to corporate mishandling of information; this caused over $1 billion dollars in reported losses!

There are many ways to have your identity stolen
you could accidentally give your credentials to a phisher
Sometimes an identity could be stolen from a credit card.
Some hackers go "dumpster diving"
Hackers can also hack into databases at restaurants, hospitals and other places where you have to use your credit card or personal information.
How to Prevent Being Hacked
Dangerous Hacking
There are a number of ways to prevent hacking, but the most efficient is to never share your password unless you know you are doing so on a trusted website. You can also buy a fire wall like Norton security. But don't share information of yourself on the internet (unless you want to get hacked) if it isn't a trusted site.
Some Reasons why people do this
A very common misconception is what hackers use identity theft for. Statistics show that only 28% of identity theft involves financial or credit fraud.
In reality, most people use identity theft for...
Sited Sources

Car Hacking
Another type of Dangerous Hacking is car hacking. according to caranddriver.com. People can now hack your car and make your brakes not work your car not run they can control your car. Researchers have actually hacked an unmanned car and made it drive and stop. They said currently there is nothing stopping anyone with malicious intent to take command of your vehicle.
Phone fraud
Utilities fraud
Bank fraud
Employment fraud
Loan fraud
Some facts
There are some ways to prevent identity theft but the most important is to be careful with your credentials/information. The most common cause is plain carelessness. However there are some programs to help with identity theft, like Lifelock or Metlife defender. Just remember to be careful.
What it is
Identity theft is basically someone gaining your personal information and Social Security number to assume your identity. This could lead to someone taking money from your bank account as yourself, or maybe even taking any of your insurance. People would mostly do this to get out of their own crimes by taking your name or making "you" do crimes with no risk at "them". Thieves could take your identity by your driver's license social security or even medical records.
Phishing is a process that hackers use in order to get people to click on a link, downloading malware, often in the form of Hacking Tools or RATs. The most common type of Phishing is where a hacker sends his victim an email, claiming to be a company or business which is asking for the subject to click a link, claiming to reaffirm their password or save their data, while in reality installing hostile programs, or taking their credentials.
There is a very dangerous kind of hacking like hacking pipelines and cars. In November 2009 a Trojan program was inserted into a SCADA software that made a massive explosion in the Trans-Siberian pipeline. It was reported as the biggest non-nuclear explosion ever seen from space.
What to do if you are hacked
If you are hacked you should delete your account or you could report it. Also keep your information to your self don't share your password and don't take pictures of your self that you will not post. Because if someone hacks you they might post something that you would not want to post
"Terrorists could hack into electronic implants like pacemakers to kill targets". according to telegragh.co.uk they said"The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is currently investigating more than 20 medical devices which could be tampered with by outside agencies.
As well as pacemakers, they include defibrillators, bedside intravenous fluid pumps, scanners and hospital networks." You can now hack pacemakers and terrorists can shut down entire hospital systems. They can also shut down pace makers as an assassination.
Also there is a problem with hacking games like call of duty there is a number of hacks that pretty much make playing online unfair like one popular the line hack makes you lag while the other person is going full speed. Even on the little app games on your phone there are hacks like this game called clash of clans there is a popular hack called sandbox mode that lets you attack the same person for as long as you want with out it counting.
Game hacking
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