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War Horse

No description

Christine Cole

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of War Horse

War Horse by Michael Morpurgo
Reading the Novel
Learning Tasks
Learning focus:
Success Criteria:
Learning Focus:
Success Criteria:

Learning Focus: Making predictions.
Success Criteria:
I can make a prediction about the novel
I can make connections between the novel and the real world

1. Look at the title and front cover of the book.
What do you think the book could be about?
What war could this book be about

2. Read the author's notes at the beginning of the book and discuss:
The painting mentioned and;
Why would there be such a painting and what would be the significance?

Key Vocabulary
Learning Focus: To gain an understanding of difficult terminology.
Success Criteria:
I can write definitions, synonyms, antonyms and sentences for key vocabulary.
Choose 10 terms and;
find the definitions
a synonym and antonym for each
write a sentence using each term.
Learning Focus: I can read and listening to the reading of the novel War Horse.
Success Criteria:
I can read alone and aloud.
I can discuss the themes and issues in the novel
I can answer questions related to the novel.
I fact I learnt today is...
1 skill I learnt today is...
1 skill I learnt today is...
Do all these terms relate to a particular theme?

1. In what perspective is the story told?
2. After reading Chapter 1, name and describe the main characters.
3. Why did Albert’s father buy a horse when the family needed a calf?
4. How does Joey feel about Albert?
5. Why did Joey say that he would not call her owner, “Master”?
6. Why did Albert name the horse Joey?
1. Joey stated that Albert’s whistle imitated the stuttering call of a what? Did he come when Albert whistled?
2. What did Joey do to Albert’s father that could have gotten him shot or sold?
3. What does Albert have to teach Joey to do in a week? If he doesn’t learn in a week, what will happen to Joey?
1. Describe Albert’s relationship with his mother and father.
2. Albert helps out on the farm. What are some of his responsibilities?
3. Where do you think Albert’s father is taking Joey and Zoey?
1. Why did Albert’s father sell Joey to the Army?
2. What did Albert offer Captain Nicholls once he realized his father had sold Joey?
3. What did Captain Nicholls promise Albert?
1. Captain Nicholls explained to Joey how he and Jamie feel about the war, explain their feelings.
2. Tell about Captain Jamie Stewart and Corporal Samuel Perkins. Who are they? Why are they important to Joey and Captain Nicholls?
1. While on the ship, who was it that gave Joey comfort? How did he comfort Joey?
2. When the ship docked, what did they all see that made them all very silent and somber?
1. Describe Trooper Warren. Is he a good horseman? Why or why not?
2. How is Trooper Warren while “out of the saddle”?
3. Who is Sally that is mentioned in Trooper Warrens letters from his mother?
1. Joey and Topthorn have been separated from their soldiers, who do they belong to now?
1. Who is Hauptmann? How did he want the horses treated?
2. What were they going to use the horses for?
1. Why were Joey and Topthorn happy about how their summer was going?
2. Joey said, “But it is the evenings of that summer that stay so strong in my memory.” What is Jo-ey describing?
1. Why did Emilie ride Joey more than she rode Topthorn?
2. The orderlies, nurses, and doctors no longer needed Joey and Topthorn so they gave them to Emilie and her Grandfather. What were the horses responsibilities on the Emilie and her grandfa-thers farm?
1. Joey didn’t think the work was any harder than pulling an ambulance cart, but what is different now that WAS making it much more difficult?
2. What was happening to the horses as they kept on in the mud?
1. Topthorn and Joey survived and actually got fat! How did they lose their excess weight?
1. Describe Rudi and his love for horses.
2. What happened to Topthorn and how did Joey react?
1. What was it that finally tore Joey away from Topthorns side?
2. What happened to Joey’s leg while he was running?
3. When the sun came up and the mist cleared, Joey found himself in “no-man’s-land”. What do you think it means to be in “no-man’s-land”?
1. What did the two soldiers hold up as they both entered “no-man’s-land”? Why?
2. Did the German or the Welshman win Joey?
1. Describe the Sergeant and his first impression of Joey.
2. Albert joined the Veterinary Corps just on the off chance that he may come across his Joey again. How did Albert and Joey react when they stood face to face once again?
1. Albert talked to Joey about his father. What did he tell Joey?
2. Joey wasn’t getting better from his wound. He was getting worse and worse. Major Martin and Sergeant Thunder told Albert and David what was wrong. What was it that Joey had?
3. Albert and David bravely spoke up to the Major and Sergeant. What did they offer to do to help Joey get better?
1. In time, Joey was better and back at the front line. What made things easier for Joey this time around?
2. Maisie Brown is the girl that Albert is very fond of. Describe Maisie and why she is so important to Albert.
3. What happened to David? How does Albert react?
1. Sergeant Thunder decided that he was going to bid on Joey at the auction. How did he come up with enough money for the auction?
1. Emilie’s grandfather bought Joey! After he spoke with Major Martin and Sergeant Thunder, he came to Albert. What did the man say to Albert? What was the promise that he made Albert keep?
2. How much money did Albert have to give the man to buy Joey?
3. What happened to Emilie?
4. Once Joey got back home to his family and Maisie, what happened?
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