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ABC Secret Life of Bees

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd ABC book

Caitlyn Backer

on 3 April 2011

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Transcript of ABC Secret Life of Bees

The Secret Life of Bees
by Sue Monk Kidd
ABC Book By Caitlyn Backer and Hayley Murdough "An interesting story highlighting
spirituality and showing behavior
of diverse Americans during the
Civil Rights Movement." The Secret Life of Bees is about a fourteen year old girl named Lily. The novel strongly connects with bees throughout the entire plot. Lily has carried the guilt of killing her mother since she was four, and her abusive father adds to her pain. Lily runs away from home with her nanny Rosaleen in hopes to find out information on her mother's life.

This ABC book will showcase the key characters, events, symbols, and important themes found in the novel. Caitlyn Backer is fifteen years old and her favorite color is purple. She lives with her parents, sister, her cat, and her dog. She plays the trumpet and the piano. She likes attending youth group at her church and hanging out with her friends. In her free time, she loves to listen to music on her iPod and text her friends.

Hayley Murdough is fifteen years old and her favorite color is blue. She lives with her parents, and brother. Her favorite food is peanut butter. She also likes attending youth group at her church and hanging out with her friends. In her free time, she enjoys going on her laptop, and partying with Caitlyn. Black Mary Queen Bee Grits A
is for August.
August is important because she helps to guide Lily at a tough point in her life.
is for Beehives.
Beehives are important because they symbolize the strong community bond in the novel. C
is for Civil Rights.
Civil Rights is important because it was the cause for some pain in the novel. Examples of this are when Rosaleen and Zach were arrested partially because of their skin color. D
is for Daughters of Mary.
The Daughters of Mary are important because they play motherly roles to Lily and come to care about her, even though she is different than them. E
is for Escaping Sylvan.
Escaping Sylvan is a key event in this book, because escaping Sylvan is a reason Lily came to Tiburon and met the Boatwrights and Daughters. F
is for Family.
Family is one of the most important themes found in the book, because Lily leaves her biological family, and finds a new, loving family in Tiburon with the Daughters of Mary. G
is for Grits.
Grits are a symbol in the novel, because they symbolize the pain Lily has carried living with T.Ray. H
is for Having Honeycakes.
Having Honeycakes is important because, everyone eats honeycakes when they prepare for Mary Day. I
is for Issues.
Issues can be considered a major theme in this novel, because each character battles their own issues such as Lily and her issue with her parents. J
is for June.
June is one of the Boatwright sisters that dislikes Lily at first, but later on they become closer. K
is for Killing Bugs.
Killing Bugs is important because May taught Lily's mom to lead the bugs out of the house instead of killing them. L
is for Lily.
Lily is the main character in the novel. She is coming-of-age and sets off on an adventure to learn about her mother. M
is for Motherhood.
Motherhood is a theme in the novel because Lily's mother died when Lily was only four. Her only motherly figure was Rosaleen until she found the Daughters of Mary. N
is for Neil.
Neil is June's boyfriend in the novel, but June refuses to marry him because she swore she would never get married. She did this because her old fiance left her at the alter. O
is for Our Lady of Chains.
Our Lady of Chains is a Black Mary statue that represents the African Amerian struggle during this time. The Daughters also pray to this statue and place their hands on her heart. P
is for Photos.
Photos are important throughout the novel because Lily comes to Tiburon because of the Black Mary photo. Also, the only remembrance Lily has of her mother is through photos. Q
is for Queen Bee.
The queen bee can symbolize August in the novel. The queen leads everyone and can be a motherly figure, even though the queen bee itself isn't a motherly figure. R
is for Rosaleen.
Rosaleen is Lily's nanny from Sylvan and she was arrested for pouring snuff juice on white men in town. She was going to register to vote when this event occured. S
is for Spirituality.
Spirituality is an important theme, because Our Lady of Chains helps to represent Catholicism and the Daughters of Mary pray often. T
is for Truth.
Truth was a theme in this book because Lily did not tell the truth about her life to the Boatwrights and Lily never knew the truth about her mother's life. U
is for Understanding.
Understanding is an important theme in the novel because T.Ray never understood Lily, and she found August and Zach, who really understood Lily. V
is for Violence.
Violence can relate to the racism in the novel because Rosaleen and Zach both are accused of insulting white men and they are both arrested. W
is for Wailing Wall.
The wailing wall symbolized hurt and pain. It was May's wall and she went there when she was upset. X
is for
eXtreme Pink House.
The Pink House is where the Boatwrights lived. It was an eXtreme pink color because May liked that color and August wanted May to be happy. Y
is for Yummy Honey.
The honey was important in the novel because it symbolized the life and hope in the Boatwright household. Z
is for Zach.
Zach is an important character because he helps to teach Lily that skin color doesn't matter and you can achieve anything with hard work.
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