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Hernan Cortes

No description

Kaleb Thompson

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of Hernan Cortes

Main Events
Hernan Cortes had 500 men, some crew members were Cuban land grabbers. Also there were some poor crew members that lived in populated places in Spain. Finally there were some Cuban land and slave owners.
Hernan Cortes had 11 ships which were caravels, when he went exploring to Mexico. He also had 13 horses to cover the ground faster.
Hernan Cortes Introduction
Hernan Cortes was born in 1845 in Medellin,Spain
Hernan Cortes Ship

Hernan Cortes
By Kaleb Thompson

ISN by Kaleb Thompson
www.ducksters.com Explorers for Kids: Hernan Cortes
www.google.com Hernan Cortes crew
www.dshot.weebly.com European Explorers
Social Studies Alive
Hernan Cortes died in 1547. Hernan Cortes sailed from
Cuba to Mexico.
Hernan Cortes wanted to explore because he wanted to conquer the Aztecs and their wealth along with neighboring tribes, and also wanted to be the governor of Mexico. Cortes first formed a relationship with Montezuma by exchanging messages and gifts. Shortly after meeting for the first time, Cortes took Montezuma as prisoner. After leaving for a while, upon his return Cortes was attacked by the Aztecs and defeated. Cortes was angered at the defeat and surrounded the city in order to keep the Aztecs from getting what they needed to survive. Being starved and weakened by disease Cortes was able to conquer the Aztecs in 1521, claiming the land for Spain.
Cortes Exploration Map
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