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Vampire Acadamy

No description

Haleigh Foster

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Vampire Acadamy

Vampire Acadamy
By: Richelle Mead
Rose Hathaway
Trait #1
Evidence #1:

According to the text, Rose would not let anyone touch Vasilisa (Lissa) Dragomir, her best friend in which she protects. They got caught after leaving St. Vladmir Acadamy (a school for moroi vampires, and half vampire and half human that train to become their guardians, that protect the moroi). They got caught by the school guardians. Since Rose is so fierce, she tried to attack them when they tried to take a step toward Lissa because she was protecting her.
Trait #2
Evidence #2:

According to the text, Rose has to protect Lissa from the strigoi, which are basically bad vampires that want to kill moroi and royals like Lissa. Rose knows that "they come first" about the mori. That's why she protects Lissa with her life. She is very dedicated to her job which makes her dutiful.
Victor Dashkov
Trait #1
Evidence #1:

According to the text, Victor took Lissa away from the protection of the academy. In doing that he planned to keep her hidden away and use her healing power frequently to heal him of his disease which makes him sick and old fast. He is selfish because he knew it would hurt her bad and eventually kill her.
Trait #2
Evidence #2:

According to the text, Victor acted like such a nice person, he was basically an uncle to Lissa. But all that time she thought he was so nice, he was spying on her as well as his daughter, Natalie. Also all that time he had been planning on stealing her away to use her to heal himself.
Rose and Lissa snuck out of St. Vladmir's Academy in Montana, "present day", for a reason only they know, but after a while they were caught by the school's guardians and brought back to the school. With sneaking away, there were consequences more for Rose. She was under house arrest and since she was behind in her training, she was put into extra training sessions with Dimitri Belikov, one of the school's guardians, that Rose adores. With all the extra training, she starts catching up and becoming one of the best in the class.
Rising Action
Lissa has been having great depression and bad feelings. To make it all worse, someone keeps playing pranks on her, she thinks. Dead animals end up in places she is and it worries her and Rose because before, she brought a dead animal back to life. Lissa also keeps getting very angry and upset about many things and they really don't know what is causing her to act the way she is.
It's found out that Natalie is the one putting dead animals near Lissa for her father. Victor captures Lissa while she is hanging out with her boyfriend, Christian Ozera. He takes her out away from the academy and plans to use her healing powers to heal him. He tells her about her magic of "spirit" and also how it is what is hurting her. After being tortured, she gives in and heals him. It's shared to Rose that her and Lissa have a bond that lets Rose know everything about Lissa at the time, so because of this she was able to tell the guardians at the academy where she was. Before she could tell though, Rose was stalled because Victor put a lust spell into a necklace that made her even crazier towards Dimitri, and it worked both ways. Dimiti figured it out and threw the necklace out the window and they told the guardians what happened to Lissa. Then they all left to go find her.
Falling Action
The guardians find Lissa with the help of Rose. Some of Victor's guardians put up a fight for him but were killed. They got Lissa out and captured Victor. Victor was then brought back to the academy and put in the jail cell there. Everyone from the academy learned of his sneaky intentions and the guardians and all the adults at the academy realized how special and important Lissa is.
Victor's daughter, Natalie, turned strigoi for her dad to help him break out of the jail even though it meant death for her. Victor escapes, but is captured and put ino the jail at the royal court. As of then, they believe Lissa will be safe.
Vampire Academy is a wonderful book and I would recomend it to others. It is such a chilling book at times with a lot of drama at other times. It is a series so that makes it even more interesting. The book has such great imagery and i didnt ever want to put it down.
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