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Amanda Kabealo Marie Antoinette prinncess of Versailles

This is a class project about a genre we we read during the quater. I used the book Marie Antoinette Princess of Versailles to tell about the genre of historical fiction

Amanda Kabealo

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of Amanda Kabealo Marie Antoinette prinncess of Versailles

Marie Antionette princess of versaillies Marie Antoinette-
Loves children and later becomes queen of France amd is married to Louis Auguste. Louis Auguste- Antonia's husband. Always seemed a little confused, and loved to eat. Later became King of France Mama (Emperess) Strict and stubborn. Every thing must go the way she wants it to. Ruled France from May 10, 1774
to Semptember 1792. Theresa ( Titi) Marie Antoinette's best
friend. Often enjoys sledding, wadding, and playing. Summary: Marie Antoinette Princess of Versailles. This book startes with her as a little girl. Her mama is very strict because they will prepare and make her Queen of France. So as you can tell she doesn't have the life of a normal kid. Then she becomes a teenager and faces the death of many family members and friends which includes her favorite niece Titi. As she faces many hardships this her journey to becoming queen. Historical fiction- is a made up story that includeselements of history. It is usually set in a specific time period in history and tells about how life was in the past. This book helped me learm what France was like and learn about their customs.
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