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First Nations Ceremonies

FN healing ceremonies with a focus on:Establishing community, Expressing oneself,Establishing a spiritual connection...

Alexis Paul

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of First Nations Ceremonies

First Nations Healing Ceremonies 5 Key Values Establishing a social connection
Establishing a connection with nature
Establishing a spiritual connection
Anchoring oneself in tradition
Expressing oneself The Sweat Lodge
Where does the peace pipe originate?

Where does the ceremony occur?

Some details Smudging


Creation of life

Offer the pipe to the 7 directions

The Peace Pipe ceremony


Sacred What is Round Lake Treatment Centre?
A place for people with alcohol and drug addiction to seek holistic western and traditional FN treatment

Which nation does it originate with?
The Okanagan-Spallumcheen

Where is Round Lake Treatment Centre?
It's located in Vernon, a carefully chosen central location Practices:
Several aspects to healing from counseling & fitness to smudges and sweats

There are many depending on which ceremony is being performed. An important one for females is not to participate during her moon cycle in anything but smudges.

Apply. To undergo detox before admittance. Generate a personalized treatment plan with counsellors.

Treatment follows teachings of the medicine wheel. Treatments:
Lectures, videos, art therapy, sharing circles, journals, counselling sessions. Elder teachings, sweats, 12-step training

Ultimate goals:
Gain insight into trauma, grief, communication, boundaries, codependency, relationships, stress and anger management, addictions and relapse prevention Does Round Lake Treatment Centre contain the 5 key values?
Establishing a social connection:
In addition to most activities being done in groups, there are also sharing circles

Establishing a connection with nature:
Traditional ceremonies, Elder teachings

Establishing a spiritual connection:
Sweats, smudgings ,
Anchoring oneself in tradition:
Most activities do this

Expressing oneself:
Sharing circles Gathering Around the Fire Purpose: Healing
The history of Sweats
Different world cultures
Inuit, Aztecs, and Mayans Time and space: new creation
Nations: Three host Nations everyone welcome
Location: Original Residential School Grounds Establishing a social connection: Bringing Nations together in celebration
Establishing a connection with nature: Ceremonies including traditional lands
Establishing a spiritual connection: Ceremonies having people get reconnected
Anchoring oneself in tradition: The creation of tradition
Expressing oneself: Sharing circles, letting oneself be known Purpose of Sweats
To purify minds, bodies and souls Protocols and Traditions Round 1, mother
Earth Round 2, Sisters Key Values Round 3, Brothers Round 4, Ourselves
and creator References:

Bopp, J., Bopp, M., Brown, L. and Lane, P. (1984). The Sacred Tree: Reflections on Native American Spirituality. Lethbridge, Alberta: Four Worlds Development Press.

Garrett, M.T., Torres-Rivers, E., Brubaker, M., Portman, T. A. A., Brotherton, D. (2011). Crying for a Vision: The Native American Sweat Lodge Ceremony as Therapeutic Intervention. Journal of Counseling and Development. 89, 318-325.

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Shabaquay, S. (2012, November 17). Peace Pipe Ceremony. (G. Gareau, Interviewer)

Intention Mental Emotional Physical Spiritual - identify values
- demonstrate their expression
- acknowledge evolution of Ceremony The Peace Pipe
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