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DHG presentation

A 5 minute presentation for job interview

Marc McClelland

on 17 November 2017

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Transcript of DHG presentation

How to Engage a
In a Support Plan
Young person to integrate into their community / be a part of decision making
So young person has a better understanding of the adult world - role / responsibilities / take their place with pride
Young people can add to their experience and have positive outlooks
Personal development / fully independent
Unrealistic perceptions of their future
Young people have multiple barriers to overcome and breakdown:
Build relationship / trust
Respect as an individual and not judge
Listen and be interested
Motivate and praise
Low confidence / self esteem
Engage them in decision making - control / empower
Identify resilience's where possible
Feedback / review
Speak in a language that can be understood
Achieve economic well-being
Enjoy and achieve
Make positive contribution
Be healthy
Stay safe
When an aim is completed - praise / sense of achievement
Empowering young person to make informed choices that will effect positive change
Thank you for your time and thanks for listening.
Any Questions ?
How to engage
Learnt behaviour
Lack of motivation
Mental health
Have access to education / training / employment
Promote responsibilities - build confidence
Work with young person to identify aims and realistic targets
Work towards aims / objectives at a realistic pace
Where possible, be flexible / aware of young persons needs - issues relevant to support plan
Dis-engaging / Re-engaging
Other factors....
Be there to support
Discuss possible consequences
Identify the barriers in which a young person has dis-engaged
In a Support Plan
Interact and discuss / use knowledge
Be confident
How to engage
Maintain good communication

Importance of young person being involved in support plan
Build relationship / trust / support
Identify resiliences / barriers
Arrange groups / training / meetings for participation and to voice opinions
Review support plan
Be approachable
Fear of the unknown
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