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Pearl and Wagner

Pearl and Wagner Two Good Friends Reading Street

Jamie Sink

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of Pearl and Wagner

Pearl and Wagner
Two Good Friends

Author's Purpose
An author has a reason for writing. One reason is to inform the reader. Another reason is to entertain the reader.
Good readers think about the author's purpose, or the reason for writing, when they are reading.
Pearl and Wagner
Two Good Friends
A fantasy is a story about something that could not happen. In a fantasy, people and animals do things they can't do in real life.
robot - a machine with moving parts that is controlled by a
wad - a round lump
trash - something of little use; things to be thrown away
electricity - energy that makes light, heat, motion, or force
A verb is the word in the sentence that tells what someone or something is or does. Verbs can describe action.
Verbs - show an action
to school.
at the movie.
Jill ____ her cat every day.
We ____ a loud alarm.
I often ____ during recess.
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