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Autumn Aubin

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of History

Were is New France
By Jessica, Ana, Airish, Tapan and Jinay
What was the life in New France
Interesting Facts about New France
Video of New France's History
The Flag in 1600
New Frances Flag in 1663
New France
Fur Trades
1534 Jacques Cartier saw aboriginals people wearing animal furs
1600s to 1700s rich europeans wore furs
1608: Champlain founds the city of Quebec,in the part of New France called "Canada".
1641: beginning of the first French-Iroquois war.
1562: France attempts to found colonies in Florida,with no success.
1749: Building of fort Rouillé(Toronto).
Disputed Areas
Spanish Claims
British Claims
Occupied Areas
New France is near French Claims
Between 1603,1645 french state granted trading
The fur was really warm and easy to cut and shape the fur and easily used for other supplies
1607 Hudson's Bay company was founded in England
Women wore furs coats and other clothing
A Graph of how the population increases and the servas in france and English Colonies
the life in new
France was all
to provide for families
and the New France
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