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Relay for Life 2017

No description

Brittany Andrews

on 16 November 2016

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Transcript of Relay for Life 2017

When is the best day of the year????
APRIL 21ST- 22ND, 2017
What is Relay?
an 18 hour event (usually a friday-saturday)
teams throughout the community create fundraisers for their campsites
each team has at least one person walking the track at all time because CANCER NEVER SLEEPS
a night filled with music, food, games, cool people, and lots and lots of hope!!
What should you expect at the event?
Relay for Life 2017
just a lil somethin to get you in the mood
Welcome to Team Fundraising!!
Where does your money go?
Registration 101
We've got a brand new website!! Visit www.relayforlife.org to check it out. Feel free to explore the site, there's a ton of information and resources available to you!
How to Register:
1. Click "Join a Relay"
2. Either log in to your account or create a new account (you can use a facebook account for quick registration)
3. Enter your zip code and select Relay for Life at Florida State University
4. Select either "individual" "join a team" or "start a new team" depending on if your organization already has a team registered (keep in mind whoever starts the team for your organization will be the team captain
Registration Fees
There is a $10 registration fee per participant. There are two ways you can pay this fee:
by card online when you register, or
by cash or check after you register
We recommend paying by card to get it out of the way and to jump-start your fundraising efforts. You get a special badge for your fundraising page that says you made a personal donation, and you've contributed to your goal!
Mission Moment
November is lung Cancer Awareness Month!
Lung Cancer is the leading cancer in both men and women
in 2016, it accounts for 27% of all cancer related deaths.
Lung Cancer is also the most common cancer found worldwide!
African American men and women are more likely to develop and die from lung cancer than white men and women.
Tobacco use (not just smoking, chewing tobacco included) is the number one cause of this disease. 90% of lung cancer deaths are associated with tobacco use!
This is one of the most preventable types of cancer because tobacco use is completely avoidable!
Visit betobaccofree.org if you or someone you know needs resources to help quit.
Smoking Quitline: 877-448-7848
What are your fundraising efforts contributing??
Online Fundraising:
the most common form, one of the eaisest ways to collect donations
provide friends and family with your personal donation link and watch the money pour in!!
This is a type of individual fundraising!
Individual Fundraising
Fundraisers that you put on for your self. This could be you baking cookies to sell or just contacting your friends a family.
All proceeds go to your individual account and helps push you toward your goal. They also contribute to your team's goal!

Team Fundraising
These are fundraisers planned and implemented by you and your team!
This could be a car wash, a ping pong tournament, or anything you choose to facilitate as a team. Generally, the funds from these types of fundraisers will go directly toward your team's fundraising goal!
On-Site Fundraising
This is a type of team fundraising that your team chooses to put on at the event in April! The opportunities for these types of fundraisers are countless, just make sure it's something you can run from your campsite!
Quick Tips
1. Some easy (and free) incentives to get people to actually read your facebook post AND donate:
offer to post embarrassing pictures from middle school for every $5 raised
offer to wear an embarassing costume to clas all day if you reach a goal
offer to cut your hair really short or dye it a weird color if you reach a certain goal
Make sure you share the resources you have!
Communicate with your team! if you have information that could be helpful in other team members fundraising, share it!!
always always ALWAYS thank your donors! It doesn't have to be elaborate, but they will remember that when you ask them next year to donate. Explain to them where their money is going and be appreciative of any amount!

Questions? Comments? Complaints? Concerns? Issues?
Contact me!
Brittany Andrews
Team Fundraising Chair

On-Site Fundraisng Ideas!
Our event's theme:Relay Live!!
Booth Theme:
Game Show
Quiz Games with prizes. (you can get local businesses to donate small prizes)
Booth Theme:
Minute to Win In
easy minute to win it games!!
Booth Theme:

Golf Channel

Mini golf course
Booth Theme:
What Not to Wear
Sell handmade accessories!
Booth Theme:
Blindfold Jellyfishing
Booth Theme:
Grey's Anatomy
Giant Operation Game or Operation tournament
Booth Theme:
sell lemonade and play Beyonce all night
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