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Theodore Roosevelt

No description

Christene Stratman

on 22 February 2016

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Transcript of Theodore Roosevelt

Balancing power in the East
continue Open Door policy
Roosevelt Corollary
The U.S would intervene in Latin American affairs when necessary to maintain economic and political stability in W. hemisphere
A tragic beginning
1901: McKinley assassinated
Problems w/ Columbia
Panama was a province of Columbia
Theodore Roosevelt
Roosevelt's foreign policy
Social Darwinism
: applies Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest to human interactions
Panama Canal
U.S recognizes country of Panama
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic falls behind on debt to Germany
“It takes more than that to kill a bull moose.”
Shot by anarchist Leon Czolgosz
Roosevelt as V.P takes over
A strong display of U.S power will
others from picking fights
"Big Stick" diplomacy
maintain Chinese independence from Japan
vital to U.S shipping
vital to U.S navy
Columbia refused U.S's offer to pay for and buy the canal
Panama just "happened" to revolt conveniently from Columbia
Panama signs a treaty allowing the U.S to build a canal
Cause: Latin American debt to Europe
Purpose: prevent Europe from interfering in W. hemisphere
U.S Marines are stationed in the DR to collect tariffs to pay off debt!
Used Sherman Anti-trust Act
Roosevelt wanted to preserve environmental resources
Domestic Policy
A Progressive Reformer
Strike Arbitration
Roosevelt commanded mine owners to agree to outside arbitration with the striking UMW
Trust busting
TR wanted to preserve the efficiency of large business while avoiding monopolies
"Square Deal"
"Trust busting"
He threatened to send federal troops to run the mines if the company refused
He loved the outdoors!
Trusts that acted as a monopoly were against public interest
Department of Commerce and Labor
negotiated with companies to preserve best interests
United States Forrest Service
first national parks system
Strong executive
changed role of federal gov:
people look to fed. gov & president to solve social/economic problems
"Speak softly and carry a big stick"
Theodore Roosevelt once gave a 90 minute speech
After being SHOT by a would-be assassin!
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