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Group 3 - Triquetra Triceps (Robot)

No description

Syncora Rin Ri

on 25 April 2015

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Transcript of Group 3 - Triquetra Triceps (Robot)

Risk Intelligence Challenge Trophy 2014
Group 3
Triquetra Triceps
Presented by : Eva Low Yee Hua
Nurain Lokman
Vivian Chua Lin Li
Robot help me please!
Client service
Human Touch
Human + Robot?
a robot a little bigger than an atom
- home to nanobots
- acts a control base
- unique to each user ID
Nanobot in Human Body
Nanobot magnified
Function 1: Enhancement of Skills
Nanobots pre-programmed with
specific skills released into the
blood stream and directed to the central brain system
Nanobots attach themselves to the brain cells and feed them with skills implanted
Direct and guide brain to be more critical and analytical
Connect data and information in brain to aid decision making
Function 2:
a) Detect brain lag in processing
b) Retrieve work data from brain
c) Store information in mothership
Data storage and retrieval system
Function 3:
Telepathy communication
Brain send signals
to nanobots
Nanobots carry
information to
Mothership identifies and connect to other mothership
Receiver accepts transmission of signal
Nanobots carry
information from
mothership to brain
Opportunities vs Pitfalls
Opportunities - Company
Create a new generation of human
workforce with enhanced capabilities
Deliver best services
to clients
Align with customer oriented
relationship to sell high end
valuable knowledge
Nanobots + human
Opportunities - Human Resource
With higher brain processing power and speed, it reduces work overload and tenacity of working overtime
Public Resentment &
Government Rulings
Accusations of
New Form of
Human Slavery
How do nanobots function?
Critical thinking
Analytical skill
Decision making
Where will we be?
Meet different needs
of different firms in
different industries
With focus on client service oriented firms
Acceptance of new
technology from the
people and government
Control procedures and public rulings
Minimal waste disposal
which limits the harm to
the environment upon end
of useful life of nanobot
Daniel Levner from Wyss Institute at Harvard University
News Research
News Research
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