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Iron Man

No description

judith holmstead

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of Iron Man

Iron Man
by Lea Neumann
-is a fictional superhero in The Marvel comics
-is the alias of Tony Stark an American
billionaire playboy, industrialist and engineer
-the arc reactor, which is a part of the suit,
is used to kepp Tony alive (shrapnel)

Robert Downey, Jr.
Name: Robert John Downey, Jr.
Born: April 4, 1965
Religion: Jewish
Occupation: Actor, producer, screenwriter
, singer-songwriter, comedian
-has a older Sister
- father, Robert Downey, Sr., is an actor, writer, producer
-mother, Elsie (née Ford), is also an actress
- was married to Deborah Falconer (1992–2004)
-> first son Indio Falconer Downey, September 7, 1993
-is married to Susan Downey since 2005
->second son Exton Elias Downey, born on February 7, 2012

most famous movies
1992 Chaplin
2001 Ally McBeal
2008 Iron Man 1
2008 The Incredible Hulk,
2009 Sherlock Holmes,
2010 Iron Man 2
2011 Sherlock Holmes: A Game
of Shadows
2012 The Avengers.
2013 Iron Man 3.
3 Golden Globe Awards
3 People's Choice Awards
1 Screen Actors Guild Awards
1 MTV Movie Awards

Iron Man ,
Who exactly is that?

- wears a red and golden armor “iron man suit”
-has in almost all versions of the suit a round hole in the middle of the chest piece (arc reactor)
-has the ability to fire repulsor rays from his gauntlets and to fly
Demonstration in

Kidnapped by the Ten Rings

implantation of the arc reactor

Iron Man 1
Iron Man prototype


hostile takeover

Obadiah steals the arc reactor

Fight with Obadiah

revealing the Identity of Iron Man
Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark
before Afghanistan after Afghanistan
Virginia"Pepper" Potts
Lieutenant Colonel James "Rhody"Rhodes
Jarvis and the Robots
Harold "Happy" Hogan,
Obadiah "Obi" Stane
Obadiah "Obi" Stane
Agent Phil
Thanks for your Attention!!!
Basic facts about Tony Stark
Occupation: former United States Secretary of Defense, Executive Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., President of America
-only adopted by Maria & Howard Stark
- has a foster brother who was geneticaly engineered by an alien
differences between
comic and Movie
Father: Howard Anthony Walter
Stark (Philanthropist, CEO of Stark Enterprises, Inventor, engineer, Spy)

Mother: Maria Collins Carbonell Stark

Name: Anthony Edward Stark
Date of Birth: November 21 1974
Marital Status: Single
Education: Multiple PhDs in Physics Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering from MIT
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer, Superhero,
Inventor, CEO of Stark Enterprises, Stark Industries, computer technician, philantrophist
-has an electromagnet in his chest which could
power his heart for 50 life times
-was created by Stan Lee,
Larry Lieber, Don Heck, Jack Kirby

First appearance
Tales of Suspense #39
(March, 1963)
Iron Man 2
Sweet Home ....
.... isn't so sweet
extension Relationships

Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark
Lieutenant Colonel James "Rhody"Rhodes

"Pepper" Potts
Natali Rushman / Natascha Romanoff
Nick Furry

Ivan Vanko
Justin Hammer
strained Friendship
former rival
ally /S.H.I.E.L.D.
extension Relationships

Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark

Mandarin /
Trevor Slattery,

Aldrich Killian

Ivan Vanko swears revenge

Tony reopens the Stark Expo

palladium poisoning

attack during the Monaco
Grand Prix by Vanko

Hammer and Vanko form an alliance

fight between Stark and Rhodes

Stark synthesizes a new element with help from his father's notes

fight between hammer drones, war machine and Iron Man

Vanko commits suicide by
blowing his suit up
Mandarin attacks Stark's home

Stark escapes and investigates Mandarin

“bombings” (exploding test subjects) were falsely attributed to a terroristplot in order to cover up Extremis' flaws.

Killian reveals he is the real Mandarin, using Slattery as a cover.
Potts who survive her fall kills Killian.

Stark orders JARVIS to remotely
destroy each Iron Man suit

Tony undergoes surgery to remove the shrapnel embedded near his heart
kidnaps Potts and subjects her to

steals the Iron patriot armor and kidnaps President Ellis with it

Stark tries to save Potts, as Rhodes saves the president

Stark summons his Iron Man suits,
controlled remotely by JARVIS
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