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Tracey Newman

on 26 October 2018

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Transcript of Transportation

Oh, all the choices...
Costs of owning a vehicle
Monthly payment or purchase price
Insurance (liability is required by law)
Taxes (sales tax is about 7% of the purchase price)
Maintenance and repairs
oil changes
filters, fluid, etc.
Ways to pay
A really smart way to pay for a car is to save up your
money and pay cash for it. This might take a long time.

Many people use a loan to buy a car. This way they can drive the car while they are paying for it.

If you use a loan, remember you'll have to pay interest, which adds a lot to the price of the car.
Most of the time, you'll be required to carry full coverage insurance on the car if you get a loan for it.
What do I need to know while shopping?
Here's a great website packed with the details that
are important when you get ready to buy a car.

Common definitions
that can help you lots
Follow this link to learn about different terms
that are important to transportation decisions:
Planning your purchase
Start by thinking about what you want to be able
to use this vehicle for.
Driving to work or school?
How many people will you need seats for?
Will you drive far enough on a regular basis that gas mileage will be important for you?
What sorts of options do you really, really want bad enough to pay extra for them? (stuff like air conditioning, power windows or locks, a certain type of stereo, a sunroof, etc.)

After you determine exactly what you want in this vehicle, do some research on it.
http://www.kbb.com/ is a great place to start to determine your vehicle values
Carfax will also give you a full description for the records on your vehicle
Owning your own vehicle can be great as far as
flexibility and freedom are concerned, but it usually
costs a lot more than using mass transportation, like
trains or buses, which run on a strict schedule but cost
much less.
You should always remember that the decision to purchase a vehicle is YOURS.
Don't let someone else pressure you into a deal you may not be able to afford or that may not be a good choice for you.
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