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How Great was Alexander?

Summarizing and describing the life and times of Alexander the Great and Hellenistic culture.

Steph Gorges

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of How Great was Alexander?

How Great was Alexander? Father:
Philip II
of Macedon
Built powerful military
Focused on Greece & Persia Before King Phillip II's expansion: After Phillip II's Rule... Impressive.... Without his father's army & experiences or studying under Aristotle, Alexander wouldn't have been so Great. Accomplishments! Background Led his army over 20,000 miles in 11 years and NEVER lost a battle! United an area over 22 million square miles stretching from the Nile to the Indus river! Desires for a new cross-culture empire Prevailing Language: Government: Expeditions: Culture: New Cities: Greek language was used for government, learning and commerce. Set up a common system for entire realm. Brought scientists to gather data about Biology & Geography. Spread of Greek Culture from the polis to the whole known world! Established many new cities, including
Alexandria. Uniting an Empire... Trained & used Persians in his Army Dress & Culture Adopted Persian Planned to merge the... Egyptians Greeks Persians Under his Empire to Rule more efficiently Characteristics of Alexander the Great Ambitious, ruthless, very good military tactician, massive ego & a heavy drinker at times. A very fair leader. Treated the people he conquered as his
own people, not as slaves.
Even used Persians & Greeks
in his administrations- along with Macedonians- in an
attempt to unit the East & West Thought of himself as a God, probably because his mother told him so. The Fall... Died at the young age of 31.

After heavily drinking and going for a swim, caught a fever and soon after died.

Since Alexander left no successor, his 3 top generals fought, breaking the empire in the threes: The Antigonid Empire, The Ptolemaic Empire & The Seleucid Empire.
Hellenistic Culture What is
Culture? Era when Greek Cultural traditions expanded their influence to a much larger world

(Hellas = Greece) Philosophy Hellenistic philosophers focused more
on the person and less on state. Epicureans Sculpture Mosaics (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Hellenistic Art Realism > Idealism
Dramatic posing
In-the-round Hellenistic Food Bread Rice Spinach

Eggplant Dates

Fish Olive Oil
Saffron Philip II Alexander the Great Dad was assassinated in 336 BCE
Became ruler at age 20
Stepped into role in an expanding empire Skeptics Stoics Pleasure = greatest good Human knowledge was limited and lacking goal of life was to live in accordance with reason & nature
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