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The Hero's Journey- Stardust

No description

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey- Stardust

The Hero's Journey- Stardust
By Rose, Tilly and Bec

Call To Adventure
Tristan wants to marry Victoria and she has agreed to marry him if he collects the shooting star they see on their afternoon picnic. Tristan takes the challenge and tries to get the star for her love. To do this he must cross a wall to get to the magical side where the star is.
Refusal of the Call
The guard of the wall prevents Tristan from going over and on with his journey to get the fallen star for his true love Victoria, leaving him disheartened and making him turn back and head to his home.His father encourages him to persist more on his journey and tells Tristan how to overcome the wall.
Meeting with the Mentor
Crossing the First Threshold
Tristan's father gives him a letter from his mum, telling Tristan how to find her because she has been missing from his life since birth.His father also gives him a Babylon candle which can transport him anywhere he would like, including the other world over the wall, so he uses the candle to continue his journey past the wall.
Tests, Allies, Enemies
Tristan and the star share a great bond as they carry on their journey together. The star teaches Tristan about love. The pirate captain on the boat helps Tristan and the star and teaches them valuable lessons.ristan enemies are the tree witches and the Kings sons, he must defeat them so they do not steal or kill the Star.
Ordinary Life
Tristan is a young man, in love with a girl in his small home town in England, the girl he likes does not like him back. He lives with his father in a small cottage, Tristan is not very wealthy and doesn't have many friends. Tristan has never met his mother, he was put at his fathers doorstep by his mother as a baby.
The Road Back
Tristan heads back to his hometown with the star left back at a small staying area. He finds Victoria, his first true love that he said he would get a star for, but instead he returns with star dust. Tristan tells her he does not love her anymore and to grow up, because he realises Victoria was never a nice lady to him, and the star is his true love. When the star dust turns black and ash like, he realises the star will die once she passes the wall, so Tristan hurry's back to tell her.
Resurrection Hero
The fallen star is captured by the witches again and she is taken back to their lair where they plan to kill here and eat her heart. Tristan's mother is also one of the witches captives. Tristan uses his sword skills he learned from the captain pirate, to kill two of the witches and the kings son. The star shines so bright from being with Tristan that she kills the last witch because the witch cant handle the light.
Return with Elixir
After Tristan defeats the main evil witch and saves the star Tristan realizes that he had royal blood because his mum was the daughter of the king. Tristan then becomes king and the star becomes queen.Tristan and the star then spend there far amount of time as being king and queen so they go up in the sky and become stars together.
Before Tristan goes on his journey , Tristan's father is telling him all he needs to know about what he is going to experience. Tristan father also gives Tristan a flower that his mother gave to Tristans father, this flower will protect Tristan .
Tristan and the star were heading back to the wall where Tristan lived but they bumped in to a gypsy witch. The gypsy noticed the magic flower on Tristan's collar, she wanted the flower so to get it she turned Tristan in to a rat and locked Tristan and the star in the witches wagon. In the wagon the star lady was scared that Tristan would be a rat forever. The star started to talk to Tristan and said how much she loved him because she thought he wouldn't understand her but he did and they both realised their love for each other.
When the witch takes the star and tricks her into thinking she is going to be fed and washed. The witch is actually going to kill her and take out her heart. When Tristan finds the star he realizes he has to save her. They end up escaping but they find themselves in the middle of nowhere and must find their way back on track to continue their adventure.
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