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Jessica S

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Jessica_Abby_pd1_Slavery_EQ3

3. How did slavery influence the social structure of Ancient Mesopotamia?
By Abby G and Jessica S
Slaves were auctioned off to wealthy people.
Slaves were in the lowest social class. They were bought by people of classes.

A slave purchased at an auction was typically worth less than a donkey, but more than a cow.
Slaves were bought to to work in cities, household servants, and as laborers. They were also bought to work for the king, the temple, and the wealthy.

Slaves affected the other social classes, because ancient people in the relied on slaves to have time to specialize in their labor.
Some people did not consider slaves a social class because they were different from everyone else and they worked for people.
Slaves had jobs in every social class, helping out the Mesopotamians. They people used them like a new innovation, to help provide them with extra time.
Upper Class
House Maids
Merchants helper
Kings helper
We can infer that slaves were a very important part to Mesopotamian people.
Slaves were essential to people of all classes. slaves could be considered an innovation, because they were like machines who did all the work for their owner. This also gave the slaves owners, access time.
The Priests
Slaves prepared the for the services
Helped write speeches
Cleaned up after services.
Lower Class
Worked out in the farms
Farmer's helpers
Since slaves provided time for ancient people, they were important. With the extra time, mesopotamians' could specialize in their job. Slaves were extremely important for supplying, people with more time.

Reading Essentials and Study Guide
Mr. Don's website
Mrs. DelGrande
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