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No description

Xiaohai Huang

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of JustMovd

Target market
JustMovd will set cluster 1, 2, and 4 as target markets.
Young students and young workers.
Age area from 25-35.
Get information online
Move to new place
Target Market
Young students and young workers are easier to reach.
Love new things, technology products.
Have strong motivation to use JustMovd
Type of Survey: Online Survey

Number of Questions: 20 Questions

Type of Questions: - Multiple Choice Question
- Rating Scales
- Comment/Essay Box Question
- Demographic Question
Find cool people who are new to town and share your common interests.
Connect people with others who are in a same boat.

Who are they
What's the needs
JustMovd connects you with other people who are new to your city so you don't have to explore alone.
Do you have any experience when you move to a new city, but you don’t know where the businesses are, what events to attend and find people as cool as you to make friends.
Difficulty Rate
From our survey
Things they found hardest: Making friends
Importance Rate
Most important:
Finding needed Businesses

Direct the people to the right business, place and events
By communicating you can start getting to know each other.
Meet up and explore the cool spots and things to do around town with recommendations from locals.

Market Opportunity
46M people moved in the year of 2012, 23M were between 18-35 (USCB)
Market Opportunity
New movers spend $2000 more in their beginning 3 months than residents
Three most difficult things when move to new city
Five most important things when move to a new city
Survey Methodology
How do we design the Survey Questions
The most questions
These two type of questions help us to understand the customers' requirements and needs, help us to design the product
Total Data : 93
Real data: 90
Survey Result Summary
96% Are Useful

Other questions help us to define the market potential and the target customers
Who are the people - Discriminant Analysis
Cluster 1: Respondents age 25~35, half males and females with a sales or clerk career (Yelp, Facebook and Twitter)
Cluster 2: Respondents age 25~35, males with a sales or clerk career
(Men's magazine and Sports game magazine)
Cluster 3: Respondents mostly age 30~39, males currently studying as a student
(Study abroad magazine, Family magazine, Realty magazine)
Cluster 4: Respondents mostly age 25~35, Females currently studying as a student
(Female or beauty magazine, Romance novel)
Rookie(Young people who just begins working)

- Rely on familiar people to provide them information.
- Care more about day to day needs, housing, and job.
- They don’t drive and prefer walking and public
- They think meet people and find activities are difficult.
- They usually spend $3000~$5000 monthly.
- They stay shortly in the new city and are
willing to keep contact with people who helped them
Cluster 1
Out-Eater(eat-out married man)

- They’re married and care information about the new city.
- Prefer eating out and think meeting people and where to
go are difficult.
- They drive and don’t like bike and walking.
- They are most willing to keep contact with
people who helped them.
Cluster 2
Career Improver (Working men returning to school)

- They mostly have family members and prefer to live in
big city.
- Care less about information in the new city.
- Don’t like public transportation and prefer walking.
- Have less difficulty in the new city.
- They have the least budget in living and are less
interested in contacting with people who helped them.

Cluster 3
Dream girls (Young female students)
- Prefer large city and adapt new life very soon.
- They are most interested in the information in the new city.
- Have least difficulties in the new city.
- They don’t drive and use public transportation.
- They are willing to contact with people who helped them
- They don’t want to spend much money in the first 3 month
Cluster 4
JustMovd’s strategy and image are fit with features of target markets.

Target Market
Position Map
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