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TOK: Art or Vandalism

No description

Mari Nguyen

on 21 July 2013

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Transcript of TOK: Art or Vandalism

Autumn Bryant
Anna Hirsekorn
James Paisley
Mari Nguyen Art or Vandalism Art Defacing, destroying, or altering any property not belonging to person performing said actions Vandalism Art that is placed in a location open to the public view and is accessible to anyone Street Art Any form of expressive material that stands for more than its literal or typical qualities Knowledge Issues To what extent does culture influence one's opinion on whether street art is art or vandalism?

How does street art convey emotions and language in ways that other forms of art and communication can't? Street art is a legitimate form of art regardless of outside opinions Street art is just an alternative term for vandalism The Argument LET'S EXPLORE A FEW PLACES Europe Brazil Kansas City Westport Westside Crossroads 18th & Vine Middle East Germany Barcelona, Spain "High Art" Why is street art defined differently than art? Any art that falls within a particular aesthetic framework; for visual art, it is usually seen in museums Rio de Janeiro Damascus, Syria Cairo, Egypt Tel Aviv, Israel
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