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bell hooks

No description

Cheyenne Stoker

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of bell hooks

Work Experience

Professor at University of Southern California, Oberlin College, and Barea College
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Empowerment in Education
Paulo Freire
Multicultural Change
Follow me on twitter @bellhooks! https://twitter.com/bellhooks
Booker T. Washington-Before Integration
Hopkinsville High School- After Integration (Hooks, 2-3)
Stanford University- B.A. in English
University of Wisconsin-Madison -M.A. in English
University of California-Doctorate in English
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bell hooks (Gloria Jean Watkins)
Education Philosopher bell hooks
Hometown-Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Past States: California, New York, Connecticut, and Ohio.

Current City- Berea, Kentucky

Status Update
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Status Update
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Lives In
Engaged pedagogy can be described as revolutionary, instrumental or even controversial. Advantages of this style would include: freedom of expression, exploration, discovery and making the classroom an exciting place. Unfortunately not all classroom settings may be as ideal to implement these practices. Some teachers may not embrace all aspects of the style due to the personal relationship required for implementation. Engaged pedagogy is about being personal, caring and creative.
hooks, bell (1994). Teaching to Transgress. Education as the Practice of Freedom, 10. New York, Routledge.
bell hooks
Enrique Solis
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My Philosophy
"My pedagogical practices have emerged from the mutually illuminating interplay of anticolonial, critical, and feminist pedagogies. This complex and unique blending of multiple perspectives has been an engaging and powerful standpoint from which to work. Expanding beyond boundaries, it has made it possible for me to engage directly both the concern for interrogating biases in curricula that reinscribe systems of domination (such as racism and sexism) while simultaneously providing new ways to teach diverse groups of students." - bell hooks (
Teaching to Transgress
, 10)
bell hooks theory works in conjunction with multiple social cognitive theories described in our Adolescence textbook. Her theory directly coincides with Positive Youth Development because she believes in seeing each student as an asset and an individual bringing valuable contribution to the classroom. Engaged pedagogy is not a "teacher centered" philosophy but one that engages and listens to the students to allow them to find their own voice and build a community within the classroom. Vygotsky's theory would seem to agree with the community aspect of her philosophy in that communicating amongst students and educators would socially construct knowledge.
Engaged pedagogy was used in my classroom by showing vulnerability to my students through my experiences and linking those experiences to academic discussions. I think opening up to my students allowed them to become comfortable sharing their ideas with me in the classroom, especially when the subject area is Spanish where many students can feel self-conscious about sounding weird in another language.
1 day ago
Santrock, J. W. (2012).
Adolescence: 14th Edition
. New York, McGraw Hill.
bell hooks
Yasmine Rivera
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Engaged pedagogy was used in my classroom by linking open-ended discussions about a social issue with the lesson. I could touch on a social issue like immigration whenever talking about the migration of Spanish conquistadors into Latin America. This model allowed my students to feel a part of the discussion instead of me lecturing them the entire class period.
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Recent Activity
bell hook
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The philosophy of engaged pedagogy would coincide with Santrock's value of multicultural education, ideas of a constructivists approach to teaching and prevention of student dropouts through a caring environment in and outside of the classroom. (Santrock, 2012)
bell hooks
commented on this:
I would support the book’s emphasis on creating caring environments in and outside the classroom in order to “provide the necessary conditions where learning can be most deeply and intimately begin.”


Sunday, March 30, 2014 ·
Santrock Criticism
The book describes three strategies of classroom management (Santrock, 2012). bell hooks would disagree with the authoritative strategy of classroom management. She would challenge educators who follow an authoritarian. bell hooks would argue that the authoritarian management strategy is far too focused on keeping order and not enough focus on dialogue with their students. Chapter 10 discusses social contexts in school and how a teacher’s personality traits would impact their success as an educator. bell hooks would agree when the text suggests that “some teacher traits – enthusiasm, ability to plan, poise, adaptability, warmth, flexibility, and awareness of individual differences – are associated with positive student outcomes.” Because of hook’s experience with teachers who didn’t show an interest in being self-actualized, she would agree that a teacher should avoid the “banking system of education” and teach students about how to live in the world too(Santrock, 2012). Chapter 10 also recognizes multicultural education, values diversity and includes the perspectives of a variety of cultural groups. Originating during the civil rights movement of the 1960s, multicultural education includes issues related to socioeconomic status, ethnicity, and gender. bell hooks would support the integration of multicultural education in the classrooms as it prompts discussions about real world problems and allows for intellectual guidance and spiritual growth that bell hooks longed for as a student.
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#tbt speaking on #education
at #YMCA George Town College
#history #engagedpedagogy #ideasforyourclass
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