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video games

No description

kaeln slaughter

on 1 June 2010

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Transcript of video games

The evolution of video games Winner Winner chicken Dinner :D Sega is the console that started it all. The sega genesis was a 16 bit video game console released by sega to initially compete with NES the nintendo 64 was released by nintendo in 1996,one of its launch titles,super mario 64,is accredited to having set the standard for 3D platform games Manufactured by SONY the Playstation was the first home gaming console to ever reach the 100 million mark Released by nintendo in 2001, The GameCube was the most compact and least expensive of the sixth generation era consoles Released by microsoft in 2002, the xbox was the first console to incorporate a hard disk drive that was primarily used for storing game saves The first day of the ps2's release they all sold out and they made over 1 million dollars! I be quick scopinnnnnn :D
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