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patricia adler

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Ratios

Ratios , Rates , and Proportions : Why?
Ratios : For life
This is a project made for the whole class to remember all about the unit of : Ratio , Rates and Proportions. This is a subject you should take for the rest of your life. It can help you when you are comparing different things to buy, so you can see the better buy and make the good choice for buying your object.
Traps and common mistakes
You Try!
At the end of our project,we hope we helped you guys and teached each one of you how to solve ratios,rates and proportions.During this project we learned a lot of new things that we didn't know about ratios,for example,we learned the common mistakes that we had no idea which was it but we realized that we were also commiting these mistakes.Well, You can conclude that ratios , rates , and proportions are a very important method for you to carry for the rest of your life. Hope you enjoyed our presentation.
Ratios,Rates and Proportions
Real World Application
Hello class, our project is a review about Ratios,Rates and Proportions. Hope you enjoy!

1.Sometimes, instead of doing cross-multiply, people multiply the top number and the bottom number.
2. When finding the better buy, or the percentage, people sometimes add instead of multiplying, and subtract instead of dividing.
3. You must pay attention because some people mess up as they are writing a proportion , for example, you have the problem : 378 is 72% of what number ? You may know how to set the proportion but some people mess up.
For each 2 pink marshmallows , Jane has 5 white marshmallows. How many pink marshmallows will she have if there are 57 white marshmallows?

Ratios are a comparison of two or more numbers.
1 : 2
There are 3 ways to write ratios
The ratio of boys to girls is 1 : 2
5 : 10
5 to 10
1 . 327 cupcakes is 25% of what number?
2 . What is 30% of 15 lollipops?
Thank You
Proportion show that two ratios (or fractions) are equal.
9/18 = 1 / 2
Of the cookies
2. 30 % of 15 is 45.
3 . Michael went to the grocery store and noticed that the brownies were on sale , 2 packs for R$3 . How many packages can he purchase with R$33 ?
If a pack of 17 smarties costs 4 dollars, and a pack of 20 Gummy Bears costs 5 dollars. what is the better buy?

The better buy is the pack of 20 gummy bears.

How do we know? We did 17 divided by four and we got 4.25, And then we did 20 divided by five and we got 4, which is cheaper per unit rate.

Better Buy:
Made by: Patricia Adler,Victoria Russell,Daniella Romanini
1. 327 cupcakes is 25% of 1,300 .
3. He can purchase 22 packs of brownie with R$33
A rate is a ratio between two measurements with different units. The most common type of Rates are the "per unit time" and "per mile time."
You find a rate by finding the amount per the total.

The answer is 22.8, this is what we did:

2/5 x/57
5x=57x2=114/5= 22.8
But wait...We have a video!
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