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chapter 17 hair-styling Steff Romero

No description

adelayda romero

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of chapter 17 hair-styling Steff Romero

Chapter 17
Hair Styles

by:Steff Romero
tools need it with a wet hairstyling

rollers and clips you can use for a roller set
Wet hairstyling
-process of shaping and directing the hair into an
pattern through the use of the fingers,combs,and waving lotion
Fingerwave back then
Fingerwave now
two ways to Fingerwave
horizontal finger waving they go parallel around the head.
Vertical finger waving differs from horizontal waving in that the ridges and waves run up and down the head

Part of an Pincurl
How to do a pin curl
you could do two different types of pincurl
pin curl tectnique
skip waves
carved sculpture curls
barrel curls
Pin Curls
wet hair and then part into 4 section
grab a small section and twirl around your forefinger
then slide the curl off your fingers to your scalp and clip
Roller curls /Roller sets
what are the benefits of roller set?
you get bouncier hair
shiny curls
increased length retention
well-moisturized hair
seems your using a wet setting technique to create the curls they will last longer
even thought roller set require heat it is a gentle form of heat that allows leave-in conditioners and other products to soak into the hair and it will be more affective
Roller set/Roller sets styles
Part of a Roller (set)
roller stem
Different roller placement
roller base
HALF base
off base
what you need for a blow dry
a blow dry
butterfly clips or section clips
finishing hairspray or oil shine
Blow Dry Hairstyles
a classic styling brush
half round,rubber-based brush
typically has 7 or 9 rows of round tipped nylon bristles
where little volume is desired, they are less suitable for smooth, classic looks
Paddle brush
large flat base, well suited for mid-length to longer-length ,some have ball-tipped nylon pins and staggered pin patterns that help keep the hair from snagging
Grooming brush
general oval,with a mixture of boar and nylon bristles,the boar bristles help distribute the scalp oils over the hair shaft, giving it shine also the bristles help circulated the blood to the scalp
Vent brushes
their ventilated design are used to speed up the blowdrying process, ideal for blowdrying fine hair and adding lift at the scalp
Round brushes
round brushes come in different diameters, clients hair should be long enough to wrap twice around the brush, they often have natural bristles mixed with nylon for a better grip
smaller brushes add more curl
larger brushes straighten the hair and leval the ends of the hair
Teasing brush
thin,nylon styling brush that has a tail for sectioning, they are perfect for backcombing hair also for smoothing it into the desired style
Styling Products
what are 3 question to considerate when using product

How long does the style need to hold?
What will the environment be?
What type of hair does the client has?
Straightening Gel
adds considerable weight to the hair by causing strands to join together
use in dry hair
makes the hair easy to mold
airy,light,whipped resembles to the shaving foam
builds moderate body and volume into the hair
perfect for fine hair it doesn't weigh the hair down
holds for up to 6-8 hours excellent for drier porous hair
gel creates the strongest control for slicked or molded styles
they add distinct texture definition when spreed with the fingers
when hair is brushed out, gel create long-lasting body
similar to firm hold gel except that they are lighter and less viscous in form
when brush it add volume and body to the style
good for all hair stype
its applied to damp hair and blow dry it creates a smooth, straight look that provides the most hold in dry outdoor conditions
adds gloss and sheen to the hair while creating textural definition
Nonoily silicone products are excellent for all hair types, either to provide lubrication and protection to the hair during blowdrying or to finish a style by adding extra shine
finishing spray is applied in the form of a mist to hold a style in position
most widely used hairstyling product
Thermal Hairstyling
Testing your thermal irons
Thermal Irons
Flat Irons
implements made of quality steel that are used to curl dray hair
it provide an even heat that is completely controlled by the styles
they have two hot plates ranging in size from 1/2 inch to 3 inches across
flat irons with straight edges are used to create smooth,straight styles, even on very curly hair
after heating the iron to the desired temperature, test it on a piece of tissue paper or a white cloth
clamp the heated iron over this material and hold for five seconds
if it scorches or turns brow, the irons are to hot
let it cool for a bit, overly hot iron can scorch the hair and might even discolor white hair
Taking care of Thermal Irons
before cleaning a thermal iron, be sure to check the manufacturer's directions for care and cleaning
one way to remove dirt, oils, and product residue is to dampen a towel or rag and wipe down the barrel of the iron with a soapy solution containing a few drops of ammonia
don't clean irons when they are on or cooling from a previous styling service
How to use your Thermal Irons
hold the iron in a comfortable position that gives you complete control
grasp the handles of the iron in your dominant hand, far enough away from the joint to avoid the heat
place your three middle fingers on the back of the lower handle, your little finger in front of the low handle, and your thump in front off the upper handle


updos use for weddings
updos with twist
updos with braids
Prom updos
my favorite hairstyling technique
I like all of the hairstyling techniques, but my favorite is roller set. I think it is a fabulous way to create a beautiful hairstyle. Also, it gives a natural look,and you don't need a lot of heat on the hair. Which results in less damage to the hair. Roller sets give volume and softness to the hair,it creates a classier look. Wet hair styles last longer. this styles keep there volume and shine for a hold day,while keeping your hair healthy.
Parts of an Thermal Curling Iron
Parts of a Flat Iron
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