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The Dual Flush Toilet

No description

isaac selvarajah

on 23 February 2013

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Transcript of The Dual Flush Toilet

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli The Dual Flush Toilet Australian innovations The Designer The designer of the dual flush toilet was Bruce Thompson, who worked at Caroma, a bathroom product company. When was it created ? The dual flush toilet was created in 1980 and launched in 1981 by the company Caroma. Where was it created ? The dual flush toilet was created in the Caroma company, in Australia. It was trialled first in a South Australian town. Why was it invented ? The dual flush toilet was invented to save water. Australia was experiencing a drought so there was a need for water saving devices. What market opportunities were identified ? Many people would want to buy it to save money.
Many people would want to help the environment and use it to save water. Governments would recognise the importance and so would regulate or create legislation so that people have to use water saving devices in their house. how were the idea's developed ? The idea of the dual flush toilet was developed because at the time Australia was in a drought.Water was a precious resource so innovators were searching for ways to save water. What is innovative about this design ? The dual flush toilet is innovative because it was the first that allowed different volume toilet flushing. Other systems didn't allow more than one volume of water to be used. The dual flush was the first to save water which means less money to pay for water bills. By Isaac Selvarajah Desribe the functions and aesthetics of this design? What resources were used to develop the innovation? The dual flush toilet allows you to flush two different volumes of water from the one tank so you can save water if a large volume isn't needed.
The dual flush toilet looked good as it was similiar in appearance to existing toilets. Caroma were given a government grant of $130,000 to develop the cistern system. Caroma manufacture bathroom products so they used their factory to build the new system. They trialled it in a small town to check its benefits before it was more widely used. How has new technology impacted on the innovation? The innovation is still widely used worldwide, incorporating different styles and materials as they have become available. A new system was launched in 1993 which used even lower volumes of water for flushing. Were there any ethical issues that needed to be considered? none identified. What impact has the innovation had on Australian society? Government have recognised the importance of this water saving device so they have legislated that all new buildings must contain dual flush systems.
It has also increased the knowledge of the general public about the importance of saving water. Less sewerage has been created globally because of this innovation. Bibliography www.powerhousemuseum.com www.samemory.sa.gov.au Australia's Greatest Inventions & Innovations, Cheng C & Knight L, Random House 2012
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