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iWave Prezi

No description

Brandt Donathan

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of iWave Prezi

The touchscreen Microwave. iWave For Starters What is it?!?!?!?!?! It will be successful! To start off I would patent my idea, then take said idea to different companies such as Apple, Google, or Microsoft. Advertising: You want it, you know you do... For advertising, I would bring Steve Jobs back from the grave and have him present the iWave at the next upcoming technology conference. But in actuality I would advertise the product across the website of the company who is willing to invest in my product, commercials. The product is called the "iWave," it is a microwave with a touchscreen built-in. It uses bluetooth technology to link with the iPad, iPod touch, or the iPhone from a system dock, you can control the iWave from anywhere in the house/ business. Say you forgot to start microwaving the popcorn and you are already sitting down to watch your favorite movie, simple fix, grab your iDevice and punch in the certain amount of time and pop goes the pop corn. Wanna listen to music or watch a movie/ T.V. while cooking your favorite dish? iWave has you set. Tired of the annoying beeping noise that happens when the microwave finishes? Simple, the iWave uses Ringtones from your iDevice to play through the speakers on the iWave and on your iDevice. The iWave will be successful in the fact that it will be efficient within the home/business, a good source of entertainment and a fun piece of technology for the entire family to enjoy making life easy in the kitchen.
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