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Values of Team Torque


mark anderson

on 10 July 2012

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Transcript of Values of Team Torque

The Core Values of Team Torque... There are 4
1: Excellence in Production/Service
Higher Expectation of Production is the process of creating, expanding, manufacturing, or improving goods and services.

ONE (1) Notch better than Our Competition!

We are the Torque Experts and we need to keep Leading the Industry. We have to keep our Quality Levels, people are copying Our Processes and RELY on how good we provide service or calibration and Repair.

Our Customers Expect us to bring them NEW Improvments 4 them each and every Year.

Ex. "Cutting Edge"
Ex. "Expect More"
Ex. "You Gotta Wanna"
2: Team Torque Innovative Geekism
Innovative Geekism is the ongoing company expectation to make "it" better with technological advances to help the creation of better or more effective processes, services, technologies, or individual ideas
3. Fun and Fair Atmosphere
Another function of Team Torque is Fun and Fair. Those who help achieve the company's fun goals are all right with me. These individuals and ideas help motivate our staff, keep our staff following company path and help lead the fun part of the company. If you have ever seen "The Office" on NBC, we know that Michael Scott is all about Fun and Fair Atmosphere!
4: Urgency in our Process
Urgency Is the Need for Speed in All of our Processes

Urgency serves as a driving force to address a specific problem or turn an idea into results. Innovation efforts work best when focused through fast, rapid cycles to shape and test solutions. Rapid cycles help Team Torque select or discard concepts and when selected, convert ideas into innovative solutions quickly. This allows our staff to maintain momentum and demonstrate results quickly, so they can build on continued successes.
Walk 10% faster to get to your successful destination.
“Do it right damn-it and be quick about it” –Gary Anderson, Founding Father
Company Success and Accountability
"Our environment should incorporate and consistently use Our Core Values as well as formal procedures for resolving conflicts that arise.

H.I.F.U. is the acronym of our Core Values.
(Higher expectation, Innovative geekism, Fun & fair and with Urgency for all) :)

Lead by setting a good example (U R a role model) Show behavior consistent with honest words and good values. Motivate and inspire Your Team members"
God Bless -Mark Anderson

You and Me - Make up Team Torque!

Hifu to you, and Thank you!
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